The Guide for Raid Tanking in Lineage2

Girls04 January 29, 2010 User blog:Girls04

Welcome to Goldceo. Today we will introduce the guide for raid tanking in Lineage2 that from other site. Hope you like it.

The first menu that appears is your status obviously, your skill points, level(Lineage2 Gold), damage, defense, etc is all displayed here. You will be checking your skill points often to see how many you have. Now, at the top of the menu you should have "tabs" to select. Select the actions tab first. We will be equipping simple actions that every race, character gets. In this menu there should be a lot of little squares, each time you click on one of these it does the appropriate action.

We only want two for now in this menu. Hold down on the pickup action, and try dragging it until it reaches the black slot on the right that says "1" on it. There, now whenever we press f1, our character(Lineage2 Adena) will try and pickup anything nearby. Now, drag sit/stand to the f10 key. Well, our young padawan, we believe it is time to teach you how to put magic on the f1-10 keys. At the top of the status window, there should be a third one that says magic. There should be all your available magic in there, at the moment it is only 2 skills we can use.

Do not worry, mages get an incredibly strong skill for their level at first. The magic skills we have are called self heal and wind strike. Drag self heal to the slot numbered 5 so that whenever we want to heal we can press f5. Drag the wind strike button over to "2" slot so that f2 makes us fire a bolt of wind at the enemy. If at any time you feel confused by these steps, you can always check back and read this again.

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