Part 1: The Bot Thread in Lineage2

Girls04 January 29, 2010 User blog:Girls04

Welcome to Goldceo. We got the article inLineage2 that from other site. Hope it can help you more or less.

Well, we are not saying anything new and feel free to disagree with us, but we are not really concerned much about the farmers as we are with the players who bot. For the most part on Aria we dont see many farmers around and whenever we want a room in a catacomb we can usually get the farmers out of the room pretty easily who will just stand outside until we leave. We provide Lineage2 Gold for you.

Its the 'players' that run bot groups that will come down and kill/harass you if you try to take over a room from their bots, and it is the 'players' who are in afk bot groups in hellbound who have all the gear/level(Lineage2 Adena) and seem to talk the loudest about how great they are.

For those who play on Aria, this does not only include RDogs who everybody loves to blame for everything but all clans. BOSS has had just as many accounts banned as every other large clan out there. We do not want to turn this into a 'which clan bots more' debate though.

Thanks for your reading! We provide the Lineage2 powerleveling for you with a low price, just place an order right row!



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