Game Design Antisocial in Lineage2

Girls04 February 23, 2010 User blog:Girls04

Today we will introduce game design antisocial in Lineage2 that from other site. Hope you like it.

Most of the new content being introduced by NCSoft targets 79+ toons. A few chronicles ago, places like Varkas were made "melee weak" to help melee toons keep pace with nukers / archers for grind. Most of these new areas introduced not only "weakness" traits, but have also added strong resistances to prevent other classes(Lineage2 Adena) from grinding that area. This forces parties to bias against certain categories of classes and has an antisocial effect on the game.

We have the Heine areas and Dino isle exclusively for casters. We have Giant's Cave, Forge of the Gods, Den of Evil, and Crypts of Disgrace all off-limits to archers. Solo areas are one thing, but places for great parties like Giant's Cave excluding people ends up causing friends to be unable to play together, as regularly as when people would hit the catas or TOI or similar in semirandom but social groupings.

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