Character and Weapon in Lineage2

Girls04 January 29, 2010 User blog:Girls04

Welcome to Goldceo. We got the article in Lineage2 that from other site. Hope it can help you more or less.

Now that the character is in the world, its time to learn the game(Lineage2 Gold). It is good to always follow the tips that the game is giving you if you are new. Werecommend that you do. But, in this guide we will be going into more detail about how exactly to do these things the guide is telling you to do. First of all, the first thing we want to learn is the menus which become vitally important that you know. As a mage, wearing robes make cast twice as fast, this is why they are limited to wearing robes. Now, our character right now is naked.

No weapon, no equipment(Lineage2 Adena) whatsoever. However, we do have equipment in our inventory. Select at the bottom right of the screen, Inventory, HotKey alt+v or tab, we use tab to access our inventory. Now, get familiar with this window as it is important that you do. Right click on the gear in the inventory, and it should be equipped. Equip everything you can. Now, we look slightly better, but still, not that cool.

Whatever, time to kill something. Do not kill anything. We are not finished. We now need to learn how we "bind" our magic to the f1-f10 slots. Sound complicated? Not at all, have you looked at the right of your screen yet at the box with numbers 1 to 10 on it? Well, that is were our magic will be going. Open up your status menu, left of the screen just before inventory.

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