Scout Stance in warhammer

Girls02 January 29, 2010 User blog:Girls02

Dear friends, nice to see you in Goldceo. our aim is to make you happy with a more excited life in the Warhammer. By the way, we have collected the mainly information on other site.

Ideal for situations where you can find yourself a safe and distant spot to perch and spam. Elevate yourself. Use the landscape to Line of Sight enemy ranged DPS. Always keep an eye out for incoming melee dps, as Scout Stance is not an ideal stance to get caught in. Needless to say, you can still use both your aoe snare and ranged snare, as well as your detaunt.

Potential for most damage overall, in terms of scenarios. When it comes to your ranged AoE DoT's, nothing deals more numbers faster. Note that if you choose to obtain Glass Arrow(Warhammer Online Gold) in the Scout Mastery, it can be used in any stance. Flame Arrow requires Scout Stance. Note their max range of 80ft, versus the typical 100ft or 65ft ranges for our class.

Can obtain the class' hardest hitting nuke, Festering Arrow. While it appears that the number is indeed higher than the BW/Sorc equivalent, since BW/Sorcs can crit quite often and for double the crit damage of a normal crit, it tips in their favor. A good thing to note is that it is Corporeal damage, so it bypasses standard armor(warhammer gold) but is affected by Corp Resistance instead.

Has the class' silence, so use it wisely and whenever it is up!

Also contains a potential, but not so frequent, Healing Reduction ability. (Only while Vengeful.) I wouldn't make that such a deciding factor, as it is deep in the Mastery and only has the Healing Reduction effect when vengeful once every 3 minutes.

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