Part Two: Some Poll Options in DFO

Girls01 March 10, 2010 User blog:Girls01

awakening: bizzard, summons a storm in the whole map, that causes blindness, snare and electrocution. Other sub class(Dungeon Fighter gold) skills may be used and the area will expand from 500px (40/45 skills only) to the 900px , the 300px skills expand to 500px skills:

size: 300px, levels(DFO powerleveling) 20-39.

Ice/light elemental imbue: add a water/light effect damage to your weapon (2 different skills).

Ice missle: charges then shoots a projectile of ice, the higher one is while casting the more damage.

thunder strike: summons symbols like cast's that soon drops lightning bolts at the same time, level 20.

Ice fall: summons a cursor that can be moved by the arrow keys, afterwards drops a pile of snow that snares and can freeze targets.

Thunder shield in DFO: creates a shield made of light for 10 secounds that makes anyone inside immune to light based attacks, all other attacks except shadow based attacks lose 50% damage (neut,fire/ice) and lose hit stun, shadow attacks do full damage and have hit stun level 25.

Light vacuum: sucks in all enemys damages with light then blows them away, more charging increases distance when blown away.

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