DFO Guide for Class Benefit from Level 50

Girls01 January 29, 2010 User blog:Girls01

Welcome to Goldceo. Today, we got the guide for class to DFO players from other site, hope you like it, may it can help you more or less.

We are not referring to raw damage, but to other effects skill increases bring that are noteworthy and useful. Same goes for gear, for the most part. For a Soul Bender, the level(DFO gold) 50 (no awakening) cap brings:

-Kalla of the Dark Flames- ranged attack, powerful finishing move, tick damage, new juggle/combo oppurtunities. -Greater freeze chance for Saya. -Better status resist debuff for Bremen. -Greater proc chance on Ghost Slash Drive. -Longer invince period in Ghost Step and more mspd buff as well.

There are 2 - 1 is red level 50 unique, the other blue-level(DF online gold ) 50 epic. The epic is the one we want, but we will not have hell mode. As we said before, we werereferring to skills, not gear. Also, iirc both Moonlight Slash and Ghost Slash have fixed ranges. Only benefits xxx/upper afaik which still useful.

Thanks for your reading. If you have no time to level up your charcter, we provide the DFO powerleveling with a lower price, please place an order right now.

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