Crusader and Monk in DFO

Girls01 February 23, 2010 User blog:Girls01

Crusader: Aura of Faith-small range buff for multiple stats, it could be a pretty good skill. The 300 px range is a little lacking, though, for a support buff. Apocalypse-summons a ball of healing, buffing energy that later turns into a disco ball of laser death in a circular area. Final explosion at the end - seems like a useful skill, although if you are casting for damage(Dungeon Fighter gold) only, it will take quite a while to come out.

Monk(DFO powerleveling): Dry out, it allows skill canceling like the striker skill "muscle shift," decreases cool down of skills and mp useage - apparently it mimics a non-awakening skill that strikers have but also has the aforementioned benefits. The cool down decrease makes this skill pretty nice, depending on how much of a reduction there is.

Big bang punch - a series of large punches that must be timed for maximum damage - from videos, it does a lot of damage. If your timing is bad, it might not be such a good skill in DFO.

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