• Girls01

    awakening: bizzard, summons a storm in the whole map, that causes blindness, snare and electrocution. Other sub class(Dungeon Fighter gold) skills may be used and the area will expand from 500px (40/45 skills only) to the 900px , the 300px skills expand to 500px skills:

    size: 300px, levels(DFO powerleveling) 20-39.

    Ice/light elemental imbue: add a water/light effect damage to your weapon (2 different skills).

    Ice missle: charges then shoots a projectile of ice, the higher one is while casting the more damage.

    thunder strike: summons symbols like cast's that soon drops lightning bolts at the same time, level 20.

    Ice fall: summons a cursor that can be moved by the arrow keys, afterwards drops a pile of snow that snares and can freeze targets.


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  • Girls01

    The problem with mage shields is that they only absorb X amount on a hit. Our BS can smack someone for close to 2300dmg with his buffs running, so the 500dmg a mage would not take is not much, which granted is 20 percent roughly. However, in group situations the shield is spread out against the whole group, not just the mage(Age of Conan Gold). And every person in the group does not get a 2k shield, it's the same 2k for everyone.

    The other point brought up about the range, it is true casters have it better when it comes to keeping targets in range, compared to the sin and most melee.But a guard with a polearm has a huge advantage over the sin as well. We have seen a guard circle a sin and not get hit because of the pole's extreme range.We …

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  • Girls01

    Crusader and Monk in DFO

    February 23, 2010 by Girls01

    Crusader: Aura of Faith-small range buff for multiple stats, it could be a pretty good skill. The 300 px range is a little lacking, though, for a support buff. Apocalypse-summons a ball of healing, buffing energy that later turns into a disco ball of laser death in a circular area. Final explosion at the end - seems like a useful skill, although if you are casting for damage(Dungeon Fighter gold) only, it will take quite a while to come out.

    Monk(DFO powerleveling): Dry out, it allows skill canceling like the striker skill "muscle shift," decreases cool down of skills and mp useage - apparently it mimics a non-awakening skill that strikers have but also has the aforementioned benefits. The cool down decrease makes this skill pretty nice, d…

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  • Girls01

    Welcome to Goldceo. Today, we got the guide for DFO players from other site, hope you like it, may it can help you more or less.

    The Practitioners guide to fish passage is one in a series of practitioners guides, that are intended to provide clear and nationally consistent guidance to Habitat Management practitioners making regulatory decisions related to the habitat protection provisions of the Fisheries Act. Together these guides support the objective of providing a predictable and coherent approach to regulatory, the review of works or undertakings that affect fish and fish habitat across Canada. We provide DF online gold for you.

    This guide in game(Dungeon Fighter Online gold) provides guidance on assessing fish passage effects for new …

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  • Girls01

    Welcome to Goldceo. Today, we got the guide for class to DFO players from other site, hope you like it, may it can help you more or less.

    We are not referring to raw damage, but to other effects skill increases bring that are noteworthy and useful. Same goes for gear, for the most part. For a Soul Bender, the level(DFO gold) 50 (no awakening) cap brings:

    -Kalla of the Dark Flames- ranged attack, powerful finishing move, tick damage, new juggle/combo oppurtunities. -Greater freeze chance for Saya. -Better status resist debuff for Bremen. -Greater proc chance on Ghost Slash Drive. -Longer invince period in Ghost Step and more mspd buff as well.

    There are 2 - 1 is red level 50 unique, the other blue-level(DF online gold ) 50 epic. The epic is …

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