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Unwanted Guests

Order PvE Quest
Zone Nordland
Start Innkeeper Svetla
End Innkeeper Svetla


Unwanted Guests map
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"You're an odd-looking one, but thank Sigmar you're here! The Grey Lady's come under attack, and if I can't get the vermin under control I'll be out of business ... or worse! An' me here, alone, with eight mouths to feed!"

"A few months back, we started noticing the rats. Put out a few traps an' watch the grain, nothing too strange I thought. Well I was wrong. Those who were rat-bit soon found their wounds gone sour. Some took it as a sign the end had come."

"Just when we thought all was lost, the rats vanished. That's when the webs started appearin'. Now I've got a problem bigger than ever!"

"Spiders were snackin' on the vermin. Big enough to start off with, they've been changed by whatever pox the filthy rats carried with 'em. The things are waist high, an' if no one stops 'em they'll be carrying off the smaller villagers!"

"And there I'll be without customers 'til one of the critters comes lookin' for me!"

- Innkeeper Svetla

Unwanted Guests is a Tier 1 Order Quest that begins at the Grey Lady Coaching Inn, in central Nordland.

Particulars Edit

  • Inkeeper Svetla wants you to kill the spiders scurrying about behind the Grey Lady Coaching Inn.

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

"Ain't killed them spiders yet? Someone ought to handle the mess before they run out of rats an' decide to try somethin' bigger."

"It ain't hard. Ain't like they're the size of men or something."

- Inkeeper Svetla

Completion Text Edit

"Done some tidying up around here, have ya? 'Bout time someone lifted a finger! I'm an innkeeper, not a maid."

"Now don't go telling any of those soldier friends of yours about this ... mess. Why, that'd run me out of business!"

- Inkeeper Svetla

Rewards Edit

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