Unlucky Stone III

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Unlucky Stone

Tier 3 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Badlands
Subzone Norrikson's Excavation
Start Hap Lesterson
End Hap Lesterson

Quest Chain

Hap Lesterson

Zarbog's Belongings

Hap Lesterson

  • Unlucky Stone III


Unlucky Stone III map
(click to enlarge)

So the little cutpurse has been playin' with the ratmen 'as he? Where else did you think that fur came from? Squig arses? Like as not he dropped the brightstone while he was scuffing with one of those blasted ratmen wanderin' these parts.

I'll bet my axe those gibberin' ratmen found it and took it t' one o' their caves.

Well? What're you waitin' for? Get out there! I want every square inch of this place searched for that stone!

- Hap Lesterson

Summary Edit

Search the Skaven cave east of the Geyser Fields for Hap's Brightstone.

Return to Hap Lesterson at Norrikson's Excavation once you've found it.

Objectives Edit

  • Hap's Brightstone 0/1

Quest Notes Edit

  • Quest objective 'Hap's Knapsack' can be found within a Skaven cave in the southern Geyser Fields, at approximate coordinates of 7700, 50800.

In Progress Edit

Ye smell worse than an ogre wench's behind! Where's my brightstone?

- Hap Lesterson

On Completion Edit

By Valaya's blindin' orbs, you've found it! I can't believe my eyes!

And you've slain those ale-forsaken ratmen? Couldn't have done better myself!

- Hap Lesterson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2848
  • You may select one of the following on completion:

External Links Edit

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