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Ungrim is a Dwarf and the last in the line of the Slayer Kings of Karak Kadrin.

The Slayer KingsEdit

The line of the Slayer Kings originated in the distant past when Ungrim's ancestor, Baragor, suffered a great loss in battle. His shame was so great that he took the Slayer oath, to die in battle defending his people. This, unfortunately, put him in the position of having two mutually exclusive responsibilities. He was a king who was to watch over and protect his people, but also a Slayer who perpetually seeks death in combat. This presented a problem for Baragor, as these two identities could not be one. So, as a compromise, he founded a haven for the Slayers, creating a shrine to Grimnir in Karak Kadrin. This made the castle the permanent home of the Slayer Cult.

However, on his deathbed and despite all of his great works and deeds, Baragor had not fulfilled his Slayer Oath to die in battle, so his son became heir to the Kingdom and heir to his Slayer oath. This has continued down through the generations, and now lays on the shoulders of Ungrim Ironfist.

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