Under a Rock

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Under a Rock

Tier 3 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Badlands
Subzone Norrikson's Excavation
Start Alan Cartwright
End Alan Cartwright


Under a Rock BL map

Under a Rock BFP map
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Amazing, isn't it? The power of adaptation? Why I've heard there is a plant, Kaelthorn it's called, that has managed to thrive in both high mountainous areas as well as vast deserts.

In these areas, Kaelthorn grows at select cave mouths and is characterized by its three-leaf clusters.

I'd dearly love to get my hands on a cutting, but no that won't do. One brush of a Kaelthorn leaf and I start to itch like anything.

But you now, you look like a hardy sort. I'm certain you wouldn't let the matter of a little rash keep you from the thrill of discovery.

- Alan Cartwright

Summary Edit

Use the Cartwright Spade in your inventory at select cave entrances within Black Fire Pass and the Badlands to dig up different varieties of Kaelthorn. Return to Alan Cartwright when done.

Objectives Edit

  • Spiked Kaelthorn 0/1
  • Twisted Kaelthorn 0/1

In Progress Edit

- Alan Cartwright

On Completion Edit

- Alan Cartwright

Rewards Edit

External Links Edit

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