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Under Attack

Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Oathhold
Start Glon Firehammer
End Elixir of Eternal Peace

Quest Chain

Glon Firehammer
  • Under Attack I

Elixir of Eternal Peace


Under Attack I map
(click to enlarge)

Don't you see what the fiends are doing? Every night they attack the camp. Some say to get at our oathgold, but I'll tell you true!

They're after us! We fight em' with everything we got, but when the smoke clears, they're gone - and with our dead to boot! They're taking 'em and doing somethin' unnatural to 'em.

It's got to stop, or there won't be a one of us left to work the mine.

Take this 'ere mortar an' pestle. With it, you'll be able t' mix up an elixir that can protect us against the foul magics out there, even in death. Most o' the ingredients are already mixed for ya, but it's missin' one key ingredient: bones!

Fortunately, there's enough o' them blasted undead horrors out there for you t' get what's needed. Take their bones from 'em, an' then grind 'em into the elixir. Trust me, ye'll know when ya' got the mixture just right.

Once it's all in there, use it on the fallen Dwarfs in the battlefield, so they can finally rest in peace.

Y' got all that?

- Glon Firehammer

Summary Edit

Travel to the outskirts of Oathhold, and join the battle against the undead. Recover Bone Fragments by killing the Soulless found there.

Once you have enough bone fragments, mix them into the elixir by using the Mortar and Pestle in your inventory. If you lose the Mortar and Pestle, return to Glon Firehammer to acquire a new one.

Objectives Edit

  • Bone Fragments 0/8

In Progress Edit

The elixir is almost complete. All we're lacking are the bones pieces.

- Glon Firehammer

On Completion Edit

As the last bone fragment is mixed into the pestle, the entire concoction gives off a brilliant white glow. It seems the elixir is now complete!

- Upon Examination: Elixir of Eternal Peace

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2729

External Links Edit

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