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This is a Rewards article from the Tome of Knowledge.

Undead Tactics are unlocked from the tome of knowledge by completing Bestiary tome unlocks.

Certain unlocks in this category will reward an Undead Tactic Fragment. When enough of these fragments have been unlocked, a Undead Tactic will also be unlocked. Once unlocked, the player must travel to the library in their capital city to purchase the tactic. Once purchased, these tactics can be equipped in a Tome Tactic slot.

Undead TacticsEdit

Tactic Required Fragments Effect
Benediction of Morr 4 Deal 5% more damage to Undead
Benediction of Winters 8 Deal 5% more damage to Undead
Take 5% less damage from Undead
Benediction of the Dead 12 Deal 5% more damage to Undead
Take 5% less damage from Undead
Abilities cool down 2s faster against Undead

Undead Tactic Fragment UnlocksEdit

Creature Tome Unlock Entry Name Order Zone Destruction Zone
Liche Kill 1,000 Liches T2: Marshes of MadnessTomb Sworn (mob name) - Agymah's Lair (Easy PQ) - Tomb Priets (mob name)
Skeleton Mob: Bones Have Names Too T2: Ostland
Skeleton Mobs: When There's a Will T2: Ostland
Banshee Kill 1,000 Banshee Norsca Wailing Specter (mob name) - Outside and inside Amund's Barrow
Spirit Host High Caliber of Soul T4: The Chaos Wastes
Spirit Host Worth the Waiting For T4: Reikland (Mabelle Reiss) Only spawns at nighttime in game. Wanders from the docks to the rock by the small inlet. 14, 43.6
Wraith Kill 1,000 Wraiths T2: Shadow Lands Broken Dunes PQ has Wights for Stage 1 and Wraiths for Stage 2 - The Wraiths Respawn, Leave 1 Orb up for full 10 mins of Wraiths.  
Wight Kill 1,000 Wights

T3: High Pass Keep of Asavar Kul - Bone Knights and the Named NPC. T2: The Shadow Lands Broken Dunes PQ has Wights for Stage 1 and Wraiths for Stage 2 - ONLY ORDER
T4: The Chaos Wastes near chap15(destruction) camp mobs around Bloodthirster "statue" are all wights

Zombie The Family That Dies Together T4: The Chaos Wastes
Zombie Wulgrig T4: Cinderfall
Walker Kill 1,000 Walkers Destro: Walkway inbetween eternal citadel and the apex spawn lvl 37 walkers at a good rate.
Bone Giant Kill 1,000 Bone Giants Gunbad : bone giants in the arena of the final boss Solithex are real bone giants.( note : some wraiths and nightmares spawns too in the last stage of the boss )
Ushabti Kill 100 Ushabti Land of the Dead
Carrion Kill 1000 Carrions

Land of the Dead

Asp Bone Construct Kill 1000 Asp Bone Constructs

Land of the Dead Pit of Asaph PQ

Scarab Bone Construct Kill 1000 Scarab Bone Constructs

Land of the Dead Pit of Kem Senef PQ

Preserved Dead Kill 100 Preserved Dead

Land of the Dead - Trash Mobs in Tomb of the Vulture Lord

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