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Undead are creatures that once were living, then were dead, but now are neither. Through arcane magicks or unholy intervention, these souls have been wrested from their eternal rest to once again walk the world in the shells of their former bodies. The undead were created long ago with foul magic by the great necromancer Nagash.

The undead come in many shapes and sizes, from shambling, rotting zombies and ancient, decayed skeletons, to fearsome and cunning Vampire Counts. Common to them all is the hatred of the living, born of envy of the life that is forever denied them.

The two main undead factions are:

  • The Vampire Counts, who embrace undeath and revel in their depravity. They assault the Races of Order with their armies of shambling undead.
  • The Tomb Kings, the long-dead aristocracy of Nehekhara, cursed with undeath they do not wish by Nagash, but willing to fight to the end to defend their ancient cities.

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