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Map Ulthuan

Map of Ulthuan, showing the zones in WAR

Ulthuan was an island continent situated in the middle of the Great Ocean between the New World and Naggaroth and the Old World and Araby. It was the home of the High Elves (and the ancestral home of all Elves by extension) and was in the form of a crescent, with a sheltered inner sea accessible only through the Straights of Lothern. The continent has recently sunk beneath the ocean while the elves were having a civil war and the elves have had to join forces together or face extinction. Before, Ulthuan used to be divided into ten kingdoms, separated by the Anulii mountains into the Inner and Outer Kingdoms.

The Inner KingdomsEdit

Before Ulthuan was destroyed, the centres of civilisation, culture and power in Ulthuan, the awe-inspiring beauty of the inner kingdoms had been guarded by the Anulii Mountains for millennia.

  • Avelorn, a magical forest sheltered by the mountains
  • Caledor, a land of tall mountains, linked with Dragons
  • Eataine, the most developed and powerful kingdom
  • Ellyrion, a land of rolling hills and grassy plains
  • Saphery, where magic flows strong amid peaceful glades

The Outer KingdomsEdit

Less sheltered the their inner neighbours, with a rugged beauty all their own, these kingdoms were the most open to assault and had seen battle numerous times.

The Inner SeaEdit

The Inner Sea was the central sea inside the crescent-shaped island continent of Ulthuan. The inner sea was comprised of the Sea of Dreams in the east and the Sea of Dusk in the west. The inner sea joined with the Great Ocean at the straits of Lothern and contained isles such as:

  • The Isle of Flame which the Shrine of Asuryan was on.
  • The Isle of the Dead where many restless souls remained and the vortex which drained excess Chaos energy away from the world was.
  • The Gaen Vale or Lost Vale which was the spiritual heart of Ulthuan, home the Temple of the Everqueen.


  • Lothern - Capital of Eataine and seat of the Phoenix Kings.
  • Anlec - Ex-capital of Nagarythe.
  • Tor Elyr - Capital of Ellyrion.
  • Tor Achare - Capital of Chrace.
  • Tor Anroc - Sunken ex-capital of Tiranoc.
  • Tor Yvresse - Capital of Yvresse.

Other LocationsEdit

There were other locations in Ulthuan worthy of note not just by the Kingdom they were situated in.

  • The Blighted Isle north of Chrace. (A zone in WAR)
  • The Dragonwake and Mountains of Caledor in Caledor, which were both zones in WAR.
  • Vaul's Anvil in Caledor.
  • The Shifting Isles, an archipelago of treacherous and fog laden islands on Ulthuan's eastern coast east of Yvresse and Cothique which were known to change position, making them extremely difficult to navigate safely.
  • The Finuval Plain where the Battle of the Finuval Plain was fought.

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