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Ulric is the god of wolves, battle and winter. Long before the Empire was founded by Sigmar, he was worshipped by the soldiers and warriors of the Old World. Ulric is by far the most irate god of the humans, but at the same time he embodies courage, strength and power. In the pantheon of the old gods he is the brother of Taal. He is worshipped predominantly in the north of the Empire, in the provinces of Nordland, Ostland and especially Middenland and the city of Middenheim. Worshippers of Ulric preserve the spirit and traditions of their pre-Imperial ancestors, and the leadership of the cult of Ulric is able to trace its roots back over three millennia.

The symbol of Ulric is the white wolf, and his followers often wear wolf pelts as cloaks, which were taken by an animal killed by their own hands according to Ulric's strictures. He is commonly depicted as a massive warrior in the style of the tribes who founded the Empire: his long hair flows unbound, his thick black beard is silvered with hoar frost, he wealds a giant two-handed hammer and goes into battle without a helm to show his bravery. He is said to abhor the use of black powder, explosives and mechanical weapons, preferring warriors to wield simple hand-crafted weapons, and he favours an honest up-front approach to all things considering deception and trickery to be tools of the weak.

Ulric's main temple is located in the "City of the White Wolf" and houses an eternal flame that can - according to the Cult - never be extinguished. It was built by Wodaan, a former High Priest of Ulric, in 63 IC after he had received a vision from his god that bade him do so.


The Cult of Ulric is the most powerful and widespread religion in the northern regions of the Empire, especially in Middenheim. It's influence is so strong there that the High Priest Ar-Ulric has his own vote at the Emperor's election. This makes the Cult the strongest and most powerful religious faction in the Empire aside from the Sigmarites.

  • Knights of the White Wolf

The Knights of the White Wolf are the Knights Templar of the Cult. Thus, the elite Teutogen guard is recruited from their ranks. Still, nearly every common priest of Ulric knows how to stand his own in a fight, just as the warlike god expects from his followers.


  • During the Age of Two Emperors, the High Priest of Ulric, Bardolph, took side with the self-anointed Emperess Ottilia of Talabecland by announcing that Sigmar had been no god and the Sigmarites were therefore heretics. The socalled "Sigmarite Heresy" and the banishing of the Sigmarite Cult in Talabecland and Middenland threw the Empire into a series of civil wars that would last for many generations that only got more heated with the coronation of the socalled "Emperor of the Wolf", the third contestant for the throne. This period of Anarchy would only find its end after the Great War against Chaos and the coronation of Magnus the Pious as Emperor.
  • Sigmar Heldenhammer was crowned Emperor by a High Priest of Ulric.
  • Werewolves are sometimes referred to as the step children or lost children of Ulric in Warhammer. It is commonly assumed that they were followers or creatures of the Wolf God once, but were corrupted by the taints of Chaos. However, in Norsca, where Chaos rules, the curse of the werewolf is viewed simply as one of the rewards of Chaos, particularly that of Tzeentch, the Lord of Change.

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