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UiMod is a MOD File element. It is used to define the most general aspects of an AddOn such as the name, version, date, and whether the mod is enabled or not.


name (string)
the name of the AddOn. Should match the name of the AddOn's folder.
version (decimal)
version number of the AddOn. Is likely interpreted as a string, however all official MOD files use decimal values for version numbers.
date (date)
date created or updated (dates in official files are not clustered enough to determine which). Official files use both m/d/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy formats for the date, so it is up to the author whether he wants to zero-pad the dates or not.
autoenabled (boolean)
all official MOD files have this set to true. Otherwise, the AddOn would have to be manually activated.
true: AddOn will be enabled once installed
false: AddOn will have to be manually enabled




<UiMod name="SuperMOD" version="1.0" date="10/1/2008" autoenabled="true">

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