Ugrog's Rage

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Ugrog's Rage

Ugrog's Rage

Tier 1 {{{difficulty}}} Public Quest
Realm Destruction
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Chapter 1
Rally Master {{{rally}}}

Ugrog's Rage is a public quest in Mount Bloodhorn available to Destruction players.

Ugrog the Giant is a temperamental giant currently in the employ of Skarzag. As long as he is fed a steady stream of beer he is happy. He lives outside the main camp where his occasional rages do the least damage. Squigs have escaped from their nearby pens and are plaguing the Giant by nipping at his heals. The distraction is keeping Urgog from his beer. If he does not get his beer soon, the volatile Giant is likely to do something rash.


  • Slay 30 Annoying Squigs
  • Collect 20 Beer Barrels
  • Slay 2 Ironmane Stonebeards and Dulgrek Ironmane (Level 3 Hero)

Stage One - Annoying SquigsEdit

Ugrog flails his massive limbs in rage as the squigs nip relentlessly at his heels.

Annoying squigs bite and nip at Ugrog's feet, making it impossible for him to concentrate on assaulting the Dwarven stronghold. Kill 30 of the bouncing balls of teeth in order ease Ugrog's confused brain.

Stage Two - Collect Beer BarrelsEdit

Ugrog is tired from running about. He needs some beer to get back on his feet.

All of that stomping on squigs has made Ugrog thirsty. Collect beer barrels that appear around the clearing. But watch out for the Bigchomp Squigs guarding them. Collect 20 barrels to complete this stage.

Stage Three - IronmaneEdit

Having filled his gullet with Dwarf Ale Ugrog stands once again preparing to tear down the fortress door.

Ugrog hoists himself from the ground and picks up the "big spikey ball". With a sundering crash, the Giant brings down the fortress door with the explosive charge and kills himself in the process. Dulgrek Ironmane appears, ready to defend the stronghold, ordering his troops to charge the Greenskins. Defeat the mobs and Ironmane himself to complete the quest.

Let's show these chuffin' fools what it means to attack the Ironmane! - Dulgrek Ironmane

Waves of MobsEdit

  1. Four Ironmane Hammerstrikers
  2. Four Ironmane Seigebreakers
  3. Four Ironmane Runecarvers
  4. Four Ironmane Grudgemakers
  5. Two Ironmane Stonebeards and Dulgrek Ironmane

The greenskins cheer as Dulgrek Ironmane falls and with it, the Dwarf stronghold.

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