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Glorfindel by Magali Villanueve

Picture is a placeholder until actual artwork can be found

Prince Tyrion is one of the greatest High Elf warriors and generals. He is the twin brother of the mage Teclis, and a descendant of Aenarion, the first Phoenix King. Where his brother is a powerful wizard of keen mind and frail body, Tyrion is the most powerful warrior and skilled general of the High Elf armies. His ability to lead is such that only the Phoenix King outranks him as commander. He is an unbreakable shield against the darkness. In him it is said that Aenarion the Defender has come again to restore elven power to its former might.

Tyrion is tall, proud, fair spoken, noble-minded and a master of weapons. He is a warrior without peer and a foe without mercy. He rides the great steed Malhandir, in fact the largest, fastest, and strongest since Korhandir, the father of horses and coincidentally Malhandir's great grand-sire. Tyrion wears the Armour of Aenarion remade by Tyrions father and wields Sunfang, a 4 foot long runesword that Caledor forged for Aenarion before he drew the sword of Khaine. Among the Druchii he is known as the Reaper, to the Goblins of Red Axe Pass he is known as Orcbane, to the Norse he is known as Mankiller. His own people see him as their savior reborn and champion of the elves come to lead them to victory against their many foes.

Tyrion is the mighty champion of Alarielle, the Everqueen. He was the general of the army who turned back the Great Incursion of Chaos two hundred years ago and with his brother Teclis slew a greater daemon of Slannesh twice. During the last major war against the Dark Elves, he was commander at the Battle of Finuval Plain where he slew Urian Poisonblade, the Witch King's personal champion. More recently, when the Phoenix King sailed to the Empire with a great army to fight the Chaos incursion sweeping in from the north, Tyrion was made commander of the Shining Guard, and personally tasked with the safe defence of Ulthuan.  Together with his brother Teclis he has aided the elves in takeing a more prominent role in the world once more and ending their long isolation.

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