Two Can Play at Dat I

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Two Can Play at Dat I

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Scribbiz
End Scribbiz
Next Two Can Play at Dat II


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Dem Stunties fink dey is so clever. Dey is writing down everyfing dey see like it's gonna help dem smash us. Well it ain't gonna help dem, cuz da big bosses is gonna do it too! We stole a load of da stunty Tomes, and now we is gonna fill dem up!

But since da big bosses don't know how to write dat means you gotta do it. So get to it before da bosses come and bash us both.

Wot you gonna write about? 'Ow should I know? Go write about dat banner over dere. Dat should be easy.

Particulars Edit

  • Interact with the nearby Bloody Sun Banner to receive a tome entry about the Bloody Sun Boyz. Return to Scribbiz near Da Start after you are successful.

Requirements Edit

  • "Bloody Sun Boyz" Tome Entry Unlocked 0/1

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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