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Bitter Rivals Pie 001
Twisting Tentacle Pie
A wonderful pie for throwing. Right-click on item to activate.
Use: Fling a yummy tentacle pie at someone!

Twisting Tentacle Pie is an item that can be found within the Twisting Tower Scenario during the Bitter Rivals Live Event.

Source Edit

Twisting Tentacle Pie 001

Twisting Tentacle Pie

Twisting Tentacle Pie can be found within the Twisting Tower, where it spawns on the ground throughout the Scenario. Successfully interacting with the spawn awards a stack of five pies.

Use Edit

Twisting Tentacle Pies can be thrown at opponents during RvR play, and are primarily used within the Twisting Tower Scenario in order to complete one of the Event's Daily Tasks. In addition, if a character achieves a killing blow on an enemy with a pie, that characters receives a unique Title.

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