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The discovery of a Tower in the Chaos Wastes has prompted great speculation by both Order and Destruction leaders. For while ownership of the Tower would provide a much needed advantage to either side, the very troops needed to secure that distant location will likely fall prey to the powers of mutation before long.

Twisted TacticsEdit

The Twisting Tower scenario is open again for characters of all levels! Take the Atrium and Loft for your realm! Unlock the mutating powers of the Oculus of Change and drive fear into the hearts of your enemies with that beloved culinary oddity the Tentacle Pie.


  • Successfully use the Oculus of Change
  • Capture the Loft 25 times
  • Capture the Atrium 25 times
  • Lob a Tentacle Pie at 8 enemy realm players
  • Complete all Twisted Tactics tasks


This Live Event ran on the following dates

  • 25 May 2012 - 29 May 2012

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