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Tusk is the Empire Chapter 10 Kill Quest

  • Task: Kill up to 60 Snarling Razortooth (level 21 Great Cats). These cats can be found south of the Kill Collector along the road.
    • The closest thing to a "concentration" of these cats is along the main road from north (loc 9k, 41k) to south (loc 7k, 49k). You can kill them in sequence north to south, then ride back to the north point (and repeat many times). They don't have a tight group anywhere and they don't respawn quickily.
    • The Rabid Razortooth cats are found scattered across the same area, and look virtually identical, but they do NOT count toward the Kill Quest.
  • Reward: Tome unlock, A Run for Rolf, which awards 336xp and the Title: The Clawed. Per kill award is 175xp each.
  • Kill Collector: Rolf Grimwold who is located at Nuhr's Crest in High Pass and can be found at the coordinates 4700, 27700.

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