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Bestiary unlock for Bandit

Destruction & OrderEdit

Treaty for treasure unlock

Kill the the two bandits named Amalyn Weber and Faye Val and their "canine" in Chrace at coordinates 47k, 8k. They are underneath the land bridge connecting the Plain of Bone with the mainland. Immediately south of the mainland side of the bridge is a narrow ramp leading down to the ocean; this is where the mobs are found. You might have to wait a little bit for them to spawn. Note: As Destruction I was not able to attack Amalyn or Faye, I tried to get the unlock by killing only the Canine but no luck, no unlock. -Matter (Gorfang)

Worked for me on Destro Side 11/8/11, I was able to kill all three and all three were flagged red before I attacked. Appears fixed now.

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