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Travel in WAR can be accomplished in four different ways:


The most basic form of travel in WAR is running. All careers can jog at a normal pace and also have a flee ability which allow them to run faster for a limited time, but drains them of all action points. Some careers such as the Choppa, Marauder, Slayer or White Lion also have a charge ability, which has no negative effects, but ends early if another ability is used. There is no default key for walking, however you can change that at the main menu under Key Bindings.


Any character who has or was bolstered to reached career rank 20 can use a mount. The mounts can be purchased in their capital city for 15 gold.

Each army has a distinct type of mount, suited to the race they represent. Chaos magus characters do not receive a mount, but instead receive an improved version of their flying disc, which functions like a mount.

There are additional mount-options avaible, for example guild-level dependant mounts, mounts for getting new subscribers and mounts bound to the RvR-Progression Pack.

Mount-speeds range from 50% on normal mounts to 75% on mounts buyable from royal crests.


There are several forms of 'fast travel' between areas. The most common is flight-type transportation, accessed from any flight path. Flight points are located in warcamps of every tier, as well as in capital cities.

Flight points are automatically unlocked once your character reaches the tiers lowest pve-rank or can be unlocked earlier by traveling to the flightmaster.

Ships for the different armies are also present in the game, although they cannot be used to travel between zones.


Players can teleport once every 2 hours by using the WAR Report, this allows a player to jump to a hotspot of activity. There are also items which can teleport the player:

  • Talisman makers can produce summoning stones.
  • Teleportation scrolls can be bought at the Guild Tavern for a few locations in the game.

Teleportation items do not work in RvR.

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