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Trantio has the bad fortune to be one of the few inland cities of Tilea, which for most of its history has meant that the city was cut off from the fabulous commercial wealth available to port cities. Its hilly countryside is known for being of poor agricultural quality and good for very little except as a natural defence, which is useful because Trantio has long lived with the problem of being stuck between two of the mightiest land powers in Tilea - Miragliano to the north and Remas to the south.

Trantio maintained its independence only by cleaving to a strict diplomatic policy of playing one city off against another and changing sides as often as humanly possible. As a result, many of the innumerable Battles of the Trantine Hills has been an ambush of some sort, where a Trantine army turns against its putative ally and crushes them in combination with its previous opponent. Trantio's independent character can be seen in the fact that it was the first city-state to rise up against its princes in 2321, although that same characteristic meant that the Republic fell into squabbling, political infighting, and decadence shortly thereafter.

All of this changed rather dramatically in 1492, when Marco Colombo "discovered" the land of Lustria. Returning from the fabled New World with more gold than even the richest of Ogre plutocrats, Colombo put his money to good use by bribing both the army of the exiled Prince Orlando and the Republican forces within the city, becoming its Prince without need for bloodshed. Marco proved to be an excellent and business-minded Prince, sinking his vast fortune into the city by investing in its military, its trade, and its civic infrastructure.

Today, the city has managed to dominate several of the lesser cities along tthe coast to gain access to the sea, and has used its position thwart the Via Nano to dominate trade with the Dwarfs in the eastern Mountains. As a result, the city has become one of the richest and most cultured in all of Tilea, distinctive for its dwarf-made architecture since most other Tilean cities are predominantly Elven in their architecture, and the massive marble walls, gatehouses, and towers that keep the city safe from invasion. The exotic pink-veined marble is a hallmark of the Trantine style of architecture, and the city is rightly famous for the beauty of the Trantine Marble.

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