Trail of Darkness II

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Trail of Darkness II

Order PvE Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Uthorin Chest
End Alunais Eldendrake
Previous Trail of Darkness I
Next Trail of Darkness III


Trail of Darkness II map
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The staccato thud of claws upon the sand heralds the departure of a Dark One patrol. Fell voices ring through the air as the Dark Elves move out across the beach, searching.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

Completion Text Edit

I have shadowed their movements for days, trying to discern some pattern. Their actions make no sense; it is as if they search for something, but they never stay long in any one place.

Their Beastmasters have taken captives, that I do know, but they have not attempted to recover any of the beasts that have slipped their control. The sheer number of their forces could overwhelm any one of our outposts, yet they skirt most of them, pushing ever southward, towards Chrace.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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