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Tracker's Armor is gotten from quests in Tier 2 zones. Each piece is from a quest in a different zone. The quests for the set pieces are in two stages. First quest involves killing players in RvR, the followup quest will have you kill a hero unit in the same zone as the quest. Collecting all three pieces gives a tome unlock and grants the title The Tracker.



Career Sets Edit

Destruction Edit

Icon Chaos Chaos Icon Dark Elves Dark Elf Icon Greenskins Greenskin
Chosen Icon Small Chosen - Tracker's Accursed Defender Kit Black Guard Icon Small Black Guard - Tracker's Dusk Warrior's Kit Black Orc Icon Small Black Orc - Tracker's War Boyz' Kit
Magus Icon Small Magus - Tracker's Daemoncaller's Robes Disciple of Khaine Icon Small Disciple of Khaine - Tracker's Blood Offering Kit Choppa Icon Small Choppa - Tracker's War Brudda's Kit
Marauder Icon Small Marauder - Tracker's Warped Ravager Kit Sorcerer Icon Small Sorcerer - Tracker's Essence Devourer Kit Shaman Icon Small Shaman - Tracker's Waaaghbringa's Fings
Zealot Icon Small Zealot - Tracker's Devotee's Kit Witch Elf Icon Small Witch Elf - Tracker's Painbringer's Kit Squig Herder Icon Small Squig Herder - Tracker's Squig Calla's Kit

Order Edit

Icon Dwarves Dwarf Icon Empire Empire Icon High Elves High E
Engineer Icon Small Engineer - Tracker's Work Kit Bright Wizard Icon Small Bright Wizard - Tracker's Firecaller's Robes Archmage Icon Small Archmage - Tracker's High Mage's Robes
Ironbreaker Icon Small Ironbreaker - Tracker's War Kit Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon Small Knight of the Blazing Sun - Tracker's Guardian's Kit Shadow Warrior Icon Small Shadow Warrior - Tracker's Forest Courser's Kit
Rune Priest Icon Small Rune Priest - Tracker's Runerobes Warrior Priest Icon Small Warrior Priest - Tracker's Sigmarite Kit Swordmaster Icon Small Swordmaster - Tracker's Defender's Kit
Slayer Icon Small Slayer - Tracker's Battle Kit Witch Hunter Icon Small Witch Hunter - Tracker's Inquisitor's Kit White Lion Icon Small White Lion - Tracker's Lionmark Kit


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