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Tor Anroc is the third RvR scenario (Tier 3) for the Dark Elf/High Elf racial pairing. It is a murderball map set in Saphery.

In Warhammer Lore, Tor Anroc was the capital of the Elven Kingdom of Tiranoc. When most of that Kingdom was sunk beneath the Great Ocean in the cataclysm of the Sundering, Tor Anroc fell into the depths of the sea. Wracked by magical enegies unleashed in the Sundering, Tor Anroc has become an underground inhospitable domain of lava and rock.

  • Scenario type: Murderball
  • Scoring: Taking the brimstone bauble and holding it gains victory points, as does killing enemy players.
  • Winning Score: 500
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Player Levels: 20-31
  • Extra score:
  • Leveling: As always, experience gains vary with your own level. A level 25 character on the winning side (the one with 500 points first) and who attended all the match will usually gain about 10,000-15,000 experience. The losing side will not necessarily receive much less than that. The bonus mainly on the amount of points they gained, which appears to be along the lines of (earned points/500) * 9,000, bringing the bonus score for winning the objective on 9,000 points and a score of e.g. 300 to give 6,400 points.

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