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Description: Tor is the god of thunder and lightning in the Old World, he is also worshipped as a warrior god, the main nation to revere him being Kislev. He is portrayed as a muscled, square-jawed warrior. He wields a massive axe with a haft of oak, and uses it to cleave the sky to create the thunderbolts for which he is famed. A warrior god, Tor is the most active of the Kislevite gods, and quite frequently his name is used as a curse on others. For example, the phrase ‘Ty Tor!’ means ‘By Tor!’ and is an exclamation of surprise. On the other hand, ‘Do Tor!’ means ‘Tor’s Bolt!’ and is an entreaty for the god to unleash his anger upon the enemy.

Tor is most likely a reference to Thor[1], who is also named Tor in some sources. Thor was the god of lightning, thunder and wars in the old nordic mythology, he was know for his famed hammer "Mjolnir"(Mjølner in danish) that would return to him once he had thrown it at the enemy, and also his chariot that would drive across the heaven pulled by two massive goats. Lighting strikes was thought to be his hammer hitting a target and thunder was the sound of his mighty chariot rumbling across the skies.

Symbol: Tor is usually represented by the symbol of a thunderbolt, or an axe with a thunderbolt for a haft. Silver is considered the favoured metal of Tor, and it is usual for a famed warrior to have threads of silver woven into his moustache or beard as a sign of thanks to the storm god.

Temples: Tor’s temples are built atop hills and there are many in the Worlds Edge Mountains near to the Peak Pass and High Pass. They are imposing structures of large stone blocks with heavy roofs of wooden logs.

Friends and Enemies: Tor has an indifferent approach to the other gods, and his followers have no particular allies, though they tend to get on well with worshippers of Ulric.

Holy Days: No formal holy days. However, during a mighty storm, adherents to the Torian faith will gather outside and give praise to their god. Warriors pray to Tor before and after battle.

Strictures: There is only one known stricture for the cult of Tor, and it is a sensible one – never stand under a tree in a thunderstorm.

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