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Tools of War IV

Tier 1 Order Travel Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Griffon Siegemaster
End Haladhrel Sternbrow
Previous Tools of War III


Tools of War IV map
(click to enlarge)

It took a bit of doin', but we have the enemy camp sighted, and only await your order to fire. Abigail here is a bit temperamental in her old age, but she still packs quite a wallop!

Come to think on it, maybe you'd like to strike the blow at these filthy Elves personal-like ... no offense, of course.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Fire the Griffon Cannon 0/1
  • Speak with Haladhrel Sternbrow

In-Progress Text Edit

Alright then, I'll have the men pack old Abigail up and take her back to camp.

Completion Text Edit

Their methods are effective, if a bit unwieldy. The Empire Siegemster promised to deliver to us something called a 'Hellstrom Rocket Battery.' He assured me that it is quite deadly. I can only hope he meant to the enemy, and not the operators ...

Isha protect us all.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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