Tomes of Knowledge I

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Tomes of Knowledge I

Tier 1 Order Tome Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Sarlyna
End Sarlyna
Next Tomes of Knowledge II


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Greetings, young one.

Perhaps you are too fresh to remember the towering cathedrals and walls of tomes, scrolls, and parchments. I have little need of such things any more, but it appears that as this war goes on there will be little of it left for your generation. It might behoove you to take note of encounters, places, and people. There will come time again when those writings might find their place in the halls of our greatest cathedrals.

Where to start? I have seen a few books laying around the tower here; perhaps you might start with a bit of reading yourself.

Particulars Edit


A Dusty Old Tome

  • Search the area around Sarlyna to find one of the books of which she speaks.
  • Examine the book and speak with Sarlyna when you are finished.

Objectives Edit

Completion Text Edit

Well done!

Unless you plan on carrying a library with you, I would write down every thing you find of importance within your own tome.

Rewards Edit

700 XP

Quest Progression Edit

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