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A Tome Tactic is a special PvE Tactic you gain for unlocking content (Tactic Fragments) for your Tome of Knowledge.

Once unlocked, Tome Tactics are available for purchase from the ability trainer Librarian in the respective capital city of each race.

There are nine categories of Tome Tactic, and 3 levels of each. The categories are:

  • Tactic Blue Slash Bestial - Affects Animals
  • Tactic Blue Flame Chaotic - Affects Chaotic Animals
  • Tactic Blue Chaos Daemonic - Affects Daemons
  • Tactic Blue Potion Giant - Affects Giant and Trolls
  • Tactic Blue Greenskin Fungal - Affects Greenskins
  • Tactic Blue Circle Man - Affects Humans, Dwarves and Elves
  • Tactic Blue Flame Mythical - Affects Magical Monsters
  • Tactic Blue Gear Queek - Affects Skaven
  • Tactic Blue Skull Undead - Affects the Undead

Notes Edit

Start. The first Man Tactic (Boon of the Impalpable) is a good tome tactic to start with for Order. Two Level 17+ Characters (or One Level 22+ Character) can gather these two Tactic Fragments relatively quickly:

Once these two actions have been accomplished, travel to the Library at Altdorf and talk to the Ability Trainer on the first floor.

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