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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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The Tome of Knowledge (acronym ToK) is presented as a virtual book which records your character's progression throughout WAR. Entries in the ToK are "unlocked" when your character experiences them which will unfold a history of your race & career. The information in the sections are different depending on which realm you choose, Order or Destruction, though the general layout is the same. The key command to reach your ToK ingame is 'K' unless you choose to map it to a different key.

Tome of KnowledgeEdit

The Tome of Knowledge is divided into 10 sections:

TabsinToKIntro Introduction Shows a brief summary of what you've done in the game.
TabsinToKQuests Quests Lists all the character's current quests.
TabsinTokWarStory WAR Story This section contains 4 storylines; the three races and the capital city, depending on which realm you choose. Each storyline has chapters that includes your Public Quests, Influence rewards and a map of the chapter's area.
TabsinToKAchievements Achievement Lists achievements and discoveries unlocked by your character.
TabsinTokRewards Rewards This section contains 4 subsections; Titles, Cards, Tactics, and Items which are earned by your character.
TabsinToKHistandLore History & Lore This section has three categories by opposing realms and races. The more area you explore the more history & lore you will learn in each zone. (see also Lore)
TabsinToKNoteworthy Noteworthy Persons Lists all of the important NPCs your character has met in each zone.
TabsinToKBestiary Bestiary This section has 6 categories of mobs your character can run into. This is further broken down to specific species.
TabsinTokArmory Armory Lists the different armor sets discovered for your character's career.
TabsinToKLiveEvents Live Events This is a new section for live events throughout the year.

By progressing through the game and meeting different monsters and NPCs as well as exploring the world and the objects in it, the player will fill up the Tome of Knowledge with information about the game world.

For a list of Tome of Knowledge unlocks, please see Category:Tome Unlocks.

Rewards from the TomeEdit

The Tome of Knowledge will grant multiple types of rewards, including:

  • Experience points.
  • Lore Rewards, which are background texts added to the tome about the achievement.
  • Titles, pertaining to the achievement (such as the title "Dwarf Slayer" for slaying 100 Dwarfs)
  • Abilities, probably pertaining to the achievement (such as an ability that is especially powerful against Dwarfs after you've killed 150 Dwarfs).
  • Trophies, which you may then place on your armour to show off your achievement (such as an Ironbreaker skull for killing 200 Dwarfs).
  • Bragging rights, a special section of your Character Sheet that is available for other players to see, allowing them to bask in the glory of your achievements.
  • Tactics, which will give you a usable Tactic for your character.

Impact on QuestingEdit

Because the Tome of Knowledge will track all of the kills a player makes throughout their career, it is possible to complete a kill collector quest before even meeting the quest NPC that assigns the quest. If you have met the requirement for such a quest before attaining it, you will be rewarded properly. This is shown as an incentive for players to kill every sort of mob they see as: "somebody somewhere will want them DEAD, STUFFED and MOUNTED![1]"

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