Tomb of the Fallen Slayer

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Tomb of the Fallen Slayer is a lair hidden in Kadrin Valley at 62k, 54k.

Opening the LairEdit

To open the lair, Click on the Explosive Igniter to recieve the quest An Explosive Development. Then collect three barrels of Esgrows Blackpowder from 58k, 49k KV, and 49k, 49k KV. Each Camp has one barrel so you will have to wait for a barrel to respawn. When you have all three barrels return to the Explosive Igniter and interact with it. This will allow you to blast open the first lair door. Next you will come to another room blocked by a door. About thirty mobs (rank 41) will come rushing into the room. Kill them all and the door will open. Continue on deeper into the lair entrance and you will be attacked by another 5-10 mobs. Kill these and a Champion will spawn. Kill the champion and then continue to move forward. Be sure to loot the Champion becuase he drops some nice jewelry items. Next you will come to a door block by two sets of bars. Next to the door is a set of three levers with symbols above them. Those same symbols appear on the bars and the door. They work like a combination lock. Look at the symbols on the outer bars and follow the pattern left to right to open the bars. Follow the next pattern on the remaining bars either top to bottom, or bottom to top, in order to open the second set of bars. Repeat that process with the symbols on the door.

Within the LairEdit

There are two rank 40 Hero's that spawn after you go far enough into the room. One is a Rat Ogre and the other is a little guy. Try to keep both of their health about equal when killing them. If the little guy dies first the big guy enrages to 725%.

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