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To Conquer

Destruction Quest
Zone Norsca
Start Kaltira the Daemoncaller
End Kaltira the Daemoncaller
Previous Dark Fate
Next Daemonic Strength


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Overview Edit

Kaltira the Daemoncaller:

Ancestral spirits of the people we shall conquer this day rise from deep within the bowels of the earth. Their presence interferes with my craft.
They are as weak in death as they were in life. Go! Crush these spirits, just as we shall crush their pitiful descendants!
The Thorshafn Crypt is marked up on your map.

Directives Edit

  • Return to Kaltira in the center of the cemetery once you are finished.

Requirements Edit

Rewards Edit

580 Xp and 52 bronze coins.

Progression text Edit

Kaltira the Daemoncaller:

Go now, and crush the risen spirits of our enemy's ancestors. Do this so that I may fashion the parts of the dead into feed for our Cannon Beasts with no interference.

Completion text Edit

Kaltira the Daemoncaller:

Excellent! The Winds of Magic blow in favor of my craft once again.
I shall now prepare the parts of the dead for our cannon beasts. The hour is at hand! The power of our living artillery will be brought to bear, and Thorshafn will tremble and burn.

Quest Progression Edit

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