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Below is a time line of events major events for the Greenskins.

History of The GreenskinsEdit

The time line lists general dates of major events according to the Imperial Calendar. The names of the ages of creation are credited to the Lizardmen from their source book. Whenever the date of an event is unknown, but it is understood to have happened after the given year, it will be listed as a subset of the given year.

Because of the nature of the Dwarfs, and the presence of Greenskin forces throughout every major conflict in history, a timeline of the Greenskins is one of the most complete available. This is not because of the Greenskins themselves (who care little for recording history,) but because of the detailed accounts in the Great Book of Grudges.

The Dawn of CreationEdit

  • -10,000 Greenskins first appear. The Old Ones send the Saurus to war against the undesirable race. The Saurus are never able to stamp out the menace, presumably due to the reproductive system of the various Greenskin races.

The Age of RecoveryEdit

  • -1500 The first Dwarf fortress to fall to the oncoming hordes of Orcs, Goblins, Skaven, Trolls and Ogres is Karak Ungor. It is taken by Night Goblins and is from then onwards known as Red Eye Mountain. The period following this is known as the Goblin Wars.
  • -1499 Karak Varn falls to the Skaven and Night Goblins.
  • -1498 The mines of Ekrund are seized by the Orcs after heavy fighting with the Dragonback Dwarfs.
    • The watch towers of Mad Dog Pass are gradually abandoned and seized by the Goblins.
  • -1497 The Night Goblins seize the gold mines of Mount Gunbad, the largest mine in the World's Edge Mountains, as well as a major source for Brightstone.

The Age of StrifeEdit

  • -1387 The Silver Road Wars begin between the Dwarfs and Goblins.
  • -1367 The Dwarf stronghold of Mount Silverspire is taken by the Orc Warlord Urk Grimfang who further fortifies the mine, renaming it Mount Grimfang. This marks the end of The Silver Road Wars.
  • -1250 Thunder Mountain erupts, forcing Orcs, Goblins and Trolls towards the north. The Troll Wars begin for the Dwarfs.
    • The Dwarf strongholds of Valhorn and Budrikhorn fall to rampaging Trolls.
  • -1245 Dwarf King Morgrim Blackbeard leads his forces to the south and pushes the Orcs out of the World's Edge Mountains to the north of Mad Dog Pass.
    • Logazor Brightaxe leads an army east and retakes Mount Gunbad, but has to abandon the mines.
    • Mount Silverspire is unsuccessfully attacked when Trolls and Ogres move against Karaz-a-Karak.
  • -975 The Battle of a Thousand Woes. King Skorri Morgrimson leads a huge Dwarf army north to attempt to recapture Karak Ungor. They are partially successful but ambushed as they attempt to enter the Keep itself. Skorri leads his forces back to Karaz-a-Karak and dies shortly after. Little information about the Greenskins is recorded for the next few hundred years.
  • -750 The Red Cloud Goblin tribe attacks Karak Azgul and is repelled. They then move on to Karak Azul, partially capturing the hold for 10 years. Eventually they are expelled from the fortress.
  • -617 King Alkharad wages war against the Greenskins in what will become known as the War of Bones.
  • -513 Over the course of 100 years, Karak Eight Peaks eventually falls as each of the eight mountains are gradually overrun by Goblins and Skaven. Eventually the Skaven poison the wells and use toxic gasses to oust the Dwarfs. King Lunn orders the tombs of the Kings of Old rune-sealed, vowing to return in the future.
  • -469 Karak Azgal is attacked and destroyed by Orcs and Goblins who then move on to take Karak Drazh, renaming it Black Crag. The lands between the Mad Dog Pass and Fire Mountain are taken by the Goblins, save for the stronghold of Karak Azul.
  • -380 Ork Warlord Ugrok Beardburner lead a Waaagh! northwards to Karaz-a-Karak. Many small settlements are destroyed, mines overwhelmed, and hundreds of Dwarfs die.
    • The Dwarf High King Logan Proudbeard is captured and humiliated by the Orcs spurring the Dwarfs under Gorazin Silverhorn into a furious assault, driving the Orcs away from the capital. Orc armies continue to rampage until they are defeated at the Battle of Black Water.
  • -350 Skaven overrun Crookback Mountain and enslave several tribes of Night Goblins, establishing a permanent foothold in The Dark Lands.
  • -15 A trading convoy led by King Kurgan Ironbeard is captured by the Skaven, who then sell him to Orcs for warpstone. However, the king is rescued by Sigmar. Ironbeard rewards Sigmar by giving him the Rune Hammer Ghal Maraz, paving the way for a great alliance.
  • -1 The Battle of Black Fire Pass. A massive Orc army is destroyed by a combined army of Dwarfs and Humans under Sigmar.
    • The Orcs and Goblins are slowly driven from the areas west of the World's Edge Mountains.
    • Orcs and Goblins are kept at bay by Dwarf and Human armies. Several attempts to retake strongholds are launched but fail.
  • 979 Brettonian armies force Orcs and Goblins from their new holdings into the Grey Mountains.
  • 1142 Guillame, the third king of Brettonia, forces the last of the Greenskins from Brettonia at the Battle of Armandur.
  • 1705 - 1712 Gorbad Ironclaw succeeds in uniting Iron Claw and Broken Tooth Greenskin tribes, forming a massive WAAAGH!
    • Gorbad leads his army into the Empire, ransacking Averland and the Moot.
    • Averheim and Nuln are burned by the rampaging Greenskin forces.
    • The Battle of Solland's Crown. The Count of Solland is slain by the Greenskins, and his sword Runefang is taken.
    • The Battle of Grunberg. Gorbad is seriously wounded, but still forces a victory. The Empire army retreats to Altdorf.
    • The WAAAGH! lays siege to Altdorf. The Emperor Sigismund is killed in the battle. Gorbad's wound is aggrivated, causing the Orc to slowly grow weaker and weaker, until the WAAAGH! buckles and breaks up - leaving the eastern half of the Empire in ruins.
  • 2201 The King of Brettonia, Louen Orc Slayer, begins the Errantry Wars, setting out to rid Brettonia of Greenskins for good. Over the next century, Brettonia is again cleared, as the Orcs again take refuge in the Grey Mountains and surrounding forests.
  • 2205 The Battle of Black Falls. Dwarfs and Goblins meet at the shores of the Black Water. Both the Dwarf High King Alrik and the Goblin Warlord Gorkil Eyegouger are killed. The Goblin mortally wounded by the Dwarf, drags Alrik with him over the falls. The Goblin army is routed and follow their Warlord.
  • 2420 Goblin Warlord Grom the Paunch destroys many Dwarf tombs, mines, and small settlements before defeating a Dwarf army at the Battle of Iron Gate.
    • Grom and his army enter the Empire. Nuln is again burned to the ground.
    • Grom eventually drives his army towards the sea, where he builds a great fleet and sets sail. They are never seen in the Old World again.
    • Eventually, it understood that Grom sailed to Ulthuan and ravaged the island until finally defeated by the High Elves under Eltharion in the siege of the city of Tor Yvresse in Yvresse.
    • Brettonian King Charlen anounced his intention to lead the Errantry Wars east into The Border Princes' lands and beyond. Brettonia wins a huge battle at Blood River, and more settlers move into the Border Princes' lands.  This drives many orc and goblin tribes further east.
  • 2473 Belegar, descendent of King Lunn, declares himself King of Karak Eight Peaks and sets up camp on the site of the old citadel.  The Dwarfs descend into the Keep and clear several upper levels, but are  soon outnumbered and become stuck in a permanent siege with the Orcs.
  • 2498 The Battle of the Jaws. A Dwarf army heads south to reinforce Karak Eight Peaks. The leader, Duregar, defeats the Orcs and moves south, before being ambushed again at the Battle of the East Gate.

The Age of RecompenceEdit

  • 2500 Orc Warlord Gnashrak forms a massive WAAAGH!, uniting all the Greenskin tribes of the World's Edge Mountains, and leading the army a long the Silver Road towards Karaz-A-Karak.
  • 2503 - 2507 Karak Azul is attacked by Orcs under Gorfang Rotgut, entering by a long forgotten tunnel. The King, Kazador, is captured in his throne room and many are dragged off to the Black Crag dungeons. Kariz, the kings son, is shaven and nailed to his fathers throne in insult to the king.
  • 2510 The Orc Warlord Gnashrak is finally defeated by King Ungrim of Karak Kadrin at the Battle of Broken Leg Gulley.
  • 2512 Azhag the Slaughterer leads a large army of Greenskins into the northern Empire.
  • 2515 The Battle of Osterwald. Azhag is finally met and defeated by the Imperial armies.
  • 2519 The Battle of a Hundred Cannons. A large Goblin horde attacks Zhufbar and a relief force marches from Karaz-a-Karak.
    • A force of Ogres bypass Karak Kadrin and march on the Moot. It is realized the Ogre army pushed the Goblins to attack Zhufbar.
    • An army from Nuln arrives and aid the Dwarfs by surrounding and destroying the Ogres using the largest concentration of artillery ever seen in the Old World.
  • 2523 Thorgrim Grudgebearer commands King Alrik Ranulfsson to clear the Silver Road and attack Mount Gunbad. This is done easily as many Orcs had rallied to the banner of Grimgor Ironhide.


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