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Below is a time line of events transpiring in the history of the Empire.

History of The EmpireEdit

The timeline lists general dates of major events according to the Imperial Calendar. The names of the ages of creation are credited to the Lizardmen from their source book. Whenever the date of an event is unknown, but it is understood to have happened after the given year, it will be listed as a subset of the given year.

The citizens of the Empire have been extremely detailed in documenting their history. Unfortunately, because of the relative youth of civilized human nations (outside the Nehekhara, Mourkain and the doomed city-state of Kavzar,) almost no information is known about the movements of humans between their creation and the events leading to the founding of the Empire by Sigmar.

The Dawn of CreationEdit

  • -10,000 The Old Ones experiment, bending primordial races to new and different shapes. Elves, Dwarfs, and Humans are created.

The Age of StrifeEdit

  • -30 Sigmar is born to King Bjorn of the Unberogen tribe of men.
  • -15 A trading convoy led by King Kurgan Ironbeard is captured by the Skaven, who then sell him to Orcs for warpstone. However, the king is rescued by Sigmar. Ironbeard rewards Sigmar by giving him the Rune Hammer Ghal Maraz, paving the way for a great alliance.
  • -1 The Battle of Black Fire Pass. A massive Orc army is destroyed by a combined army of Dwarfs and Humans under Sigmar.
    • The Orcs and Goblins are slowly driven from the areas west of the World's Edge Mountains.
    • Many Dwarfs move into human lands, helping them build cities and introducing them to new technologies.
    • Orcs and Goblins are kept at bay by Dwarf and Human armies. Several attempts to retake strongholds are launched but fail.
  • 0 Sigmar is crowned the first Emperor by the High Priest of Ulric, marking the foundation of the Empire.
    • Sigmar pushes the Norsii people from their lands on the sea of claws into what is now Kislev. The Ungols, a major tribe of the region, pushes them even further into what is now known as Norsca.
  • 15 Sigmar wins the Crown of Sorcery from the Necromancer Morath. Upon hearing this, Nagash leads an army from Nehekhara into the Empire to claim the crown.
    • Nagash takes residence in the abandoned High Elf city of Athel Tamera and begins to swell the ranks of his army with the newly dead.
    • Nagash and Sigmar duel outside of Altdorf during the ensuing battle. Sigmar strikes Nagash down, and the invading army of Undead crumbles into dust. As he falls, Nagash curses the vampires of the world to forever be driven back by the name of Sigmar.
  • 17 Sigmar destroys the Skaven horde in the Middle Mountains of the Empire.
  • 50 After fifty years of his rule, having pushed out the enemies of mankind beyond the borders of the Empire, and constructing the Great Road connecting Altdorf to Middenheim and Nuln, Sigmar steps down from the throne. Leaving behind his crown and his legendary warhammer, the first Emperor of Man vanishes into the East. In his absence, the Twelve Chieftains of the Empire create the system of Imperial Election to choose his successor, becoming the first of the Elector Counts.
  • 73 Johann Helstrum arrives in Altdorf, preaching that he has received a vision of Sigmar ascending into Heaven to become a god, and crowned King of the Gods by Ulric himself. Although controversial at the time, the worship of Sigmar Divine takes strong roots in the lands of the Unberogi, and spreads throughout the Empire.
  • 400 - 900 The Empire engages in a series of territorial wars, under the rule of a number of expansion-minded Emperors.
    • Sigismund II, "the Conqueror," extends the Empire to its furthest territorial extent, conquering the Jutens and establishing the Province of Westerland (the future Marienburg), crossing the Grey Mountains to invade Bretonnia and establish the Province of Westermark, and invading the Border Princes to create the heavily-fortified Province of Lichtenberg to serve as a well-castled buffer zone. This period marks the apogee of Imperial power and vitality.

The Age of DecadenceEdit

  • 1010 The corrupt Emperor Ludwig the Fat grants the Haflings of the Moot a seat on the Council of Electors in thanks for the services of his favorite Halfling cook.
  • 1053-1115 Rule of Emperor Boris the Incompetent sets a new standard for greed, corruption, and inability to rule.
  • 1110 Lord Vilner, heir to the Drakwald throne is assassinated by Deathmaster Silke, sparking a Civil War in the Empire.
  • 1111 The Black Death sweeps throughout the Old World. Over half of the Empire's population succumbs to the sickness. The plague is created by the Skaven to weaken the Empire prior to a massive planned invasion.
    • The Black Death marks the beginning of the Skaven Wars.
  • 1115 Emperor Goldgather is assasinated by Deathmaster Silke for failure to pay back enormous "loans" given to him by Clan Moulder. When no successor is named, the Skaven declare themselves rulers of the Empire, enslaving great swathes of the human population. Only Nuln, Middenheim, and Altdorf and their immediate surrounding areas remain under human control.
  • 1116 The Skaven march into Sylvania. Necromancer Van Hel raises a huge army of the Undead to break their advance. The two armies war for the next 5 years.
  • 1122 - 1124 Count Mandred of Middenland rallies plague-ravaged citizens against hordes of oncoming Skaven, earning the title Mandred The Ratcatcher, or Mandred Skaven-Slayer. Mandred puts an end to the Skaven Wars.
    • Mandred is crowned Emperor, holding court in Middenheim.
  • 1152 The assassination of Emperor Mandred. The assassination was ordered by The Council of Thirteen, and carried out by Nartik of Clan Eshin.
    • The Elector Counts are unable to decide on a successor. Civil war erupts between the leading regions of the succession - Stirland and Talabecland.
  • 1153 - 1200 Unsupported, villages of Drakwald fall into decline, and Chaos Beasts claim them for their own. Thousands are slain by beasts and Goblins.
  • 1265 Count Faulk of Middenland rallies and army to reclaim Drakwald.
    • Beastlord Kartok Great-horn gathers thirty warbands of Beastmen and destroys Faulk's force in the fourth week of their campaign. No survivors return to Middenland.
  • 1414 Nordland and Middenland, after centuries of war, split the contested lands of Drakwald. Scores of Beastmen in the region keep either side from exerting control over the forrest.
  • 1448 The Skaven convince Sultan Jaffar of Araby that the Estalia plan to attack. The Araybians invade Estalia and capture Magritta.
    • The Crusades begin. Araby is pushed out of Estalia by the combined forces of The Empire and Brettonia, and the Sultan is eventually defeated at the Battle of Al-Haikk.
  • 1705 - 1712 Gorbad Ironclaw succeeds in uniting Iron Claw and Broken Tooth Greenskin tribes, forming a massive WAAAGH!
    • Gorbad leads his army into the Empire, ransacking Averland and the Moot.
    • Averheim and Nuln are burned by the rampaging Greenskin forces.
    • The Battle of Solland's Crown. The Count of Solland is slain by the Greenskins, and his sword Runefang is taken.
    • The Battle of Grunberg. Gorbad is seriously wounded, but still forces a victory. The Empire army retreats to Altdorf.
    • The WAAAGH! lays siege to Altdorf. The Emperor Sigismund is killed in the battle. Gorbad's wound is aggrivated, causing the Orc to slowly grow weaker and weaker, until the WAAAGH! buckles and breaks up - leaving the eastern half of the Empire in ruins.
  • 1999 Rumors abound across the Empire that a Twin-Tailed Comet over the city of Mordheim heralds the return of Sigmar on New Year's Eve. Pilgrims from all over begin to move the city, overcrowding it.
    • The Pilgrims begin to fall from grace, and the city falls into great debauchery.
    • More and more people make the journey to Mordheim. As people give in to acts of depravity, demons begin to walk the streets like men, the seeds of Chaos and corruption fester throughout the city.
    • The city of Mordheim is hit by a meteorite of pure warpstone, marking the greatest known concentration of the mineral ever. The comet kills the majority of the inhabitants, and it is generally considered that Sigmar had passed his judgement.
    • The Skaven immediately take possession of the town and begin mining the meteorite.
  • 2010 The Dwarfs fight alongside the Humans in the War of the Vampire Counts, including the Night Siege of Castle Tempelhof, the defeat of the Vampire Countess Emmanuelle, and the Battle of Hunger Wood.
  • 2025 Vlad Von Carstein is slain by Grand Master Kruger of the Knights of the White Wolf. However, Von Carstein is seen at the head of an army within a year, while Kruger's body is found at the base of Ulricsburg, drained of blood.
  • 2111 Citizens of Rotebach discover that the Count of Middenland has made a bargain with Chaos. He has the entire city hanged to protect himself.
  • 2231 Workers building the Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf uncover ancient human tombs dated to the deity's time.
  • 2302 The Great War Against Chaos, also known as The Second Great Chaos Incursion.
    • The oncoming Chaos army forces large groups of Orcs southwards into the Empire and World's Edge Mountains. Some join the onslaught, while others harry the Army as they pass.
    • Praag is besieged and destroyed by the attacking Chaos host.
    • Chaos lays siege to Kislev, but is eventually repelled by a combined force of Elves, Dwarfs, and Humans led by Magnus the Pious. This marks the end of the war.
    • Ar-Ulric Kriestov leads and army to relieve Kislev. During his absence, Middenheim is ravaged by beastmen in his absence. The raids stop when Ar-Ulric returns.
  • 2305 Teclis founds the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf.
  • 2320 - 2321 The destruction of the Marienberg fleet results in Skaven raids all over the Old World coast. Dwarf Ironclads from Barak Varr seek out and destroy the Skaven in the Black Gulf.
  • 2387 Skaven sappers undermine the walls of Castle Siegfried in Sylvania. When Prince Karsten of Waldenhorf fails to pay them for this service, they carry off every child in his city.
  • 2420 Goblin Warlord Grom destroys many Dwarf tombs, mines, and small settlements before defeating a Dwarf army at the Battle of Iron Gate.
    • Grom and his army enter the Empire. Nuln is again burned to the ground.
    • Grom eventually drives his army towards the sea, where he builds a great fleet and sets sail. They are never seen in the Old World again.

The Age of RecompenceEdit

  • 2512 Azhag the Slaughterer leads a large army of Greenskins into the northern Empire.
  • 2514 Fritz Von Halstadt, Chief Magistrate of Nuln, is discovered trading Warpstone with Skaven under the purview of Gray Seer Thanquol. Von Halstadt is put to death, and Thanquol leads an army to the city, ravaging half of it, before being driven back by fires set by the city's defenders. Half of Nuln is destroyed.
  • 2515 The Battle of Osterwald. Azhag is finally met and defeated by the Imperial armies.
  • 2516 - 2517 Graktar is defeated in a challenge by Khazrak. Khazrak ventures across Drakwald, sacking the settlements of Jagerhausen, Immelscheld, and Arenburg, as well as razing the castle of Graf Sternhauer outside of Grimminhagen.
  • 2518 Boris Todbringer of Middenheim and Middenland sets out to purge Drakwald of beastmen. He personally takes the eye of Khazrak at the Battle of Elsterweld. Khazrak becomes known as "Khazrak The One Eye".
  • 2519 The Battle of a Hundred Cannons. A large Goblin horde attacks Zhufbar and a relief force marches from Karaz-a-Karak.
    • A force of Ogres bypass Karak Kadrin and march on the Moot. It is realized the Ogre army pushed the Goblins to attack Zhufbar.
    • An army from Nuln arrive in Karak-A-Karak, and aid the Dwarfs by surrounding and destroying the Ogres using the largest concentration of artillery ever seen in the Old World.
    • Khazrak avenges his losses when he takes the eye of Boris Todbringer during an ambush on the count's army outside Norderingen. The count places a 10,000-crown reward on Khazrak's head.
  • 2521 The sacred mists of Albion are restored. In the Empire, the time known as "The Storm of Chaos".


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