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Below is a time line of events major events for Dark Elves.

History of The DruchiiEdit

The time line lists general dates of major events according to the Imperial Calendar. The names of the ages of creation are credited to the Lizardmen from their source book. Whenever the date of an event is unknown, but it is understood to have happened after the given year, it will be listed as a subset of the given year.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the movements of Dark Elves after the Sundering. Because the nature of the Druchii, Is that they come and go in quick raids, and they are not wholly present at most major events.

The Dawn of CreationEdit

  • -10,000The Old Ones experiment further, bending primordial races to new and different shapes. Elves, Dwarfs, and Humans are created.
    • Elves record this time as their Golden Age.
  • -4500 Aenarion passes through the Sacred Flame to become the first Phoenix King of Ulthuan.
  • -4470 Aenarion draws the Sword of Khaine and the elven race is cursed.
  • -4461 Aenarion finds and marries Morathi
  • -4458 birth of Malekith.
  • -4421 Aenarion is wounded in the battle of the dead and flys to Blighted Isle and places the sword back on the altar. He is never seen again.
  • -4421 The Elves create the Vortex to push Chaos off of Ulthuan. The Slann add to the magic to pull demons towards to southern pole as well.
  • -4119 Malekith called Malekith the Great at this time, and Snorri Whitebeard (High King of the Dwarfs) combine their armies to drive Chaos from the Old World.
  • -2839 Phoenix King Bel-Shanaar visits Karaz-a-Karak and strikes a peace accord with Snorri Whitebeard. The two races prosper until civil strife on Ulthuan recalls the Elven ambassadors.
  • -2750 Bel Shanaar is accused for being a member of the slaaneshi Cult of Pleasure, he is later found dead and Malekith claims he commited suicide to escape the shame. It is later discovered that Malekith had him assasinated as he passes through the Sacred Flame in an attempt to become the new Phoenix King, but he is horribly burned and subsequently flees to Nagarythe. Chracian hunters save the life of the future Phoenix King Caledor I, and become known as White Lions. Civil war erupts in Ulthuan.
  • -2723 The Sundering. As the intensity of the Ulthuan civil war increases, cataclysmic energies are unleashed, sinking Tiranoc and smashing Nagarythe to pieces. The Dark Elves, led by Malekith, raise the Black Arks and depart to the cold north to found the kingdom of Naggaroth, leaving the High Elves to rebuild their shattered land.
  • -2005 Malekith sends Dark Elf warriors to harass Dwarf caravans, stealing gold and killing indiscriminately. Tensions rise between the Dwarfs and the High Elves (who are framed for the incident). This starts events in motion that will end in The War of the Beard between the Dwarfs and High Elves.
  • -1589 High Elf forces are re-called from the Old World to combat a new attempt by Dark Elves to gain a foothold on Ulthuan.

The Age of StrifeEdit

  • -215 The first Dark Elf raiders venture into Lustria to steal priceless artifacts.
  • 315 Lord Tepec-Inzi leads an expedition into Naggaroth to recover stolen artifacts.

The Age of RecompenceEdit

  • 2522 The growing power of Chaos is evidenced by Marauder tribe striking into Lustria led by Dark Elves.


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