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Below is a chronology of major events for Chaos in the Warhammer world.

History of ChaosEdit

The chronology lists general dates of major events concernign Chaos according to the Imperial Calendar. The names of the ages of creation are credited to the Lizardmen from their sourcebook. Whenever the date of an event in the Imperial Calendar is unknown, but it is understood to have happened after the given year, it will be listed as a subset of the given year.

Because of the nature of the forces of Chaos, and the fact that so many small skirmishes have occurred between the forces of Chaos and the nations of man, the timeline only mentions the major incursions. No information is known about when humans first settled in the Chaos Wastes and first turned to the worship of the Ruinous Powers.

The Fall (The First Chaos Incursion)Edit

  • -5,600 to -4,500 The Old Ones' polar Warp gates collapse. Chaos first enters the world as the raw Winds of Magic sweep across the planet from the ruined gates, which now serve as direct portals into the other-dimensional Realm of Chaos.
    • The birth of the four major Chaos Gods - Tzeentch, Khorne, Nurgle, and Slaanesh - from the raw collective unconsciousness of all the sentient beings of the Warhammer World, including humans, Elves and Dwarfs.
    • The Old Ones disappear from the world.
    • The temple city of Xahutec on Lustria falls to Chaos, all within, Slann and Lizardmen alike, are slaughtered.
    • The Lizardmen muster the largest armies ever assembled to combat the Chaos hordes. Millions are killed in the gigantic battles.
    • The Lizardmen cities of Huatl, Tlanxla, Chaqua, and Xhotl are all destroyed by the rampaging daemons of Chaos.
    • One of the oldest Slann, Chiccotta of Zlatlan, manages to remove the Chaos hordes from the Southlands in one gigantic spell, dying in the process.
    • The Ogham Circles, defences created by the Slann to keep Chaos at bay, are erected.

The Age of StrifeEdit

  • 888 The Norse adventurer Losteriksson founds the settlement of Skeggi. Rumours of the Amazons begin to surface in the Old World.
  • 1153 - 1200 Unsupported, villages of Drakwald fall into decline, and Chaos Beasts claim them for their own. Thousands are slain by beasts and Goblins.
  • 1265 Count Faulk of Middenland rallies and army to reclaim Drakwald.
    • Beastlord Kartok Great-horn gathers thirty warbands of Beastmen and destroys Faulk's force in the fourth week of their campaign. No survivors return to Middenland.
    • Kartok is slain in a duel with Doombull Urgorgoth.
  • 1414 Nordland and Middenland, after centuries of war, split the contested lands of Drakwald. Scores of Beastmen in the region keep either side from exerting control over the forest.
  • 1999 The city of Mordheim is hit by a meteorite of pure warpstone, marking the greatest known concentration of the mineral ever. The Skaven immediately take possession of the town and begin mining the meteorite.
  • 2111 Citizens of Rotebach discover that the Count of Middenland has made a bargain with Chaos. He has the entire city hanged to protect himself.
  • 2302 The Great War Against Chaos, also known as The Second Great Chaos Incursion.
    • The oncoming Chaos army forces large groups of Orcs southwards into the Empire and World's Edge Mountains. Some join the onslaught, while others harry the Army as they pass.
    • The Gray Seers succeed in summoning The Horned Rat during a feast in Skavenblight. The Clan Lords are so terrified by the manifestation that the Council of Thirteen is reorganized according to the Horned Rat's will, and all hostilities among Skaven are halted. The Horned Rat keeps the Skaven out of the conflict.
    • Karaz-a-Karak is attacked by Chaos forces.
    • Praag is besieged and destroyed by the attacking Chaos host.
    • Ar-Ulric Kriestov leads and army to relieve Kislev. During his absence, Middenheim is ravaged by beastmen. The raids stop when Ar-Ulric returns.
    • Chaos lays siege to Kislev, but is eventually repelled by a combined force of Elves, Dwarfs, and Humans led by Magnus the Pious. This marks the end of the war.

The Age of RecompenceEdit

  • 2515 Beastlord Graktar raids and destroys the villages of Gorstburg and Leitenbad, but is defeated at the Battle of Helmgart. He is forced to fight a series of duels to maintain his position.
    • The Battle of Osterwald. Azhag is finally met and defeated by the Imperial armies.
  • 2516 - 2517 Graktar is defeated in a challenge by Khazrak. Khazrak ventures across Drakwald, sacking the settlements of Jagerhausen, Immelscheld, and Arenburg, as well as razing the castle of Graf Sternhauer outside of Grimminhagen.
  • 2518 Boris Todbringer of Middenheim and Middenland sets out to purge Drakwald of beastmen. He personally takes the eye of Khazrak at the Battle of Elsterweld. Khazrak becomes known as "Khazrak The One Eye".
  • 2520 The threat to Albion.
  • 2522 The growing power of Chaos is evidenced by Marauder tribe striking into Lustria led by Dark Elves.


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