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Below is an abridged time line of major events transpiring in the history of the Warhammer world.

History of the Warhammer WorldEdit

The timeline lists general dates of major events according to the Imperial Calendar. If a date is given in the source material according to a different calendar (such as the Nehekhara calendar which dates year 0 as the beginning of Settra's second reign, or the Gospodarin calendar which dates year 0 as the founding Kislev,) dates are adjusted to the Imperial calendar by matching them against the founding of the Empire by Sigmar (year 0, Imperial Calendar.) The names of the ages of creation are credited to the Lizardmen from their source book.

Whenever the date of an event is unknown, but it is understood to have happened after the given year, it will be listed as a subset of the given year.

The Dawn of CreationEdit

  • -15,000 The Old Ones arrive in Lustria.
  • -10,000 The founding of the first city, Itza.
    • The Old Ones begin to exert control over the various races of the world, bending them to their will.
    • The Old Ones split the world's super continent into continents closer to what they look like today. The "World Pond" is created.
    • The Old Ones experiment further, bending primordial races to new and different shapes. Elves, Dwarfs, and Humans are created.
    • The Old Ones create suitable habitats and climates for each of the races they have created.
    • Greenskins first appear. The Old Ones send the Saurus to war against the undesirable race. The Saurus are never able to stamp out the menace, presumably due to their reproductive system.

The FallEdit

  • -5,600 to -4,500 The polar Warpgates collapse. Chaos enters the world (also known as the First Chaos Incursion).

The Age of RecoveryEdit

  • -4500 Aenarion passes through the Sacred Flame to become the first Phoenix King of Ulthuan.
  • -4420 The Elves create the Vortex to push Chaos off of Ulthuan. The Slann add to the magic to pull demons towards to southern pole as well.
  • -2723 The Sundering. As the intensity of the Ulthuan civil war increases, cataclysmic energies are unleashed, sinking Tiranoc and smashing Nagarythe to pieces. The Dark Elves, led by Malekith, raise the Black Arks and depart to the cold north to found the kingdom of Naggaroth, leaving the High Elves to rebuild their shattered land.
  • -1999 High King Gotrek Starbreaker send ambassadors to Ulthuan in attempt to secure peace between the Elves and Dwarfs. When they ask for fair recompense for the damage the Elves supposedly caused, they are expelled and their beards are shorn. The War of the Beard formally begins.
  • -1600 The first true Skaven emerge from the newly named Skaveblight. Skaven begin experimenting with magic, and beging to scour the land for more Warpstone.
  • -1501 Athel Loren is founded by High Elves who choose to remain in the Old World, who become the Asrai, or Wood Elves.
  • -1500 The Slann make a minor shift in the world's plates assumed to be in accordance with the Old One's wishes. The World's Edge Mountains are torn apart by the resulting earthquakes.
    • The changes in the World's Edge Mountains are known as the Time of Woes for the Dwarfs. Many records created in strongholds are lost and interrupted. The Great Book of Grudges in Karaz-a-Karak falls silent.
    • The first fortress to fall to the oncoming hordes of Orcs, Goblins, Skaven, Trolls and Ogres is Karak Ungor.

The Age of StrifeEdit

  • -1200 Nagash awakens all the kings resting in the necropoli, thus beginning the reign of the Tomb Kings.
  • -650 The first Slayer King, Baragor, dedicates the Great Shrine of Grimnir in Karak Kadrin.
  • -513 Over the course of 100 years, Karak Eight Peaks eventually falls as each of the eight mountains are gradually overrun by Goblins and Skaven.
  • -400 Establishment of the Underempire. The Skaven spread tunnel networks out across the Old World.
  • -30 Sigmar is born to King Bjorn of the Unberogen tribe of men.
  • -15 A trading convoy led by King Kurgan Ironbeard is captured by the Skaven, who then sell him to Orcs for warpstone. However, the king is rescued by Sigmar. Ironbeard rewards Sigmar by giving him the Rune Hammer Ghal Maraz, paving the way for a great alliance.
  • -1 The Battle of Black Fire Pass. A massive Orc army is destroyed by a combined army of Dwarfs and Humans under Sigmar.
  • 0 Sigmar is crowned the first Emperor by the High Priest of Ulric, marking the foundation of the Empire.
  • 979 Gilles le Breton officially founds Brettonia. This marks the beginning of the Brettonian Calendar.
  • 1111 The Black Death sweeps throughout the Old World. Over half of the Empire's population succumbs to the sickness. The plague is created by the Skaven to weaken the Empire prior to a massive planned invasion.
  • 1152 The assassination of Emperor Mandred. The assassination was ordered by The Council of Thirteen, and carried out by Nartik of Clan Eshin.
    • The Elector Counts are unable to decide on a successor. Civil war erupts between the leading regions of the succession - Stirland and Talabecland.
  • 1448 The Skaven convince Sultan Jaffar that the Estalia plan to attack Araby. The Araybians invade Estalia and captures Magritta.
    • The Crusades begin. Araby is pushed out of Estalia, and the Sultan is eventually defeated at the Battle of Al-Haikk.
  • 1492 Marco Colombo discovers Lustria and reports that there are Skaven on the continent engaged in warfare with the Lizardmen.
  • 1524 Khan-Queen Shoika founds the nation of Kislev. She declares herself Tzarina to indicate her rule over all lands north of the Urskoy.
  • 1999 The city of Mordheim is hit by a meteorite of pure warpstone, marking the greatest known concentration of the mineral ever. The Skaven immediately take possession of the town and begin mining the meteorite.
  • 2163 Finubar is crowned Phoenix King.
  • 2302 The Great War Against Chaos, also known as The Second Great Chaos Incursion.
    • The oncoming Chaos army forces large groups of Orcs southwards into the Empire and World's Edge Mountains. Some join the onslaught, while others harry the Army as they pass.
    • The Gray Seers succeed in summoning The Horned Rat during a feast in Skavenblight. The Clan Lords are so terrified by the manifestation that the Council of Thirteen is reorganized according to the Horned Rat's will, and all hostilities among Skaven are halted.
    • Karaz-a-Karak is attacked.
    • Praag is besieged and destroyed by the attacking Chaos host.
    • Ar-Ulric Kriestov leads and army to relieve Kislev. During his absence, Middenheim is ravaged by beastmen in his absence. The raids stop when Ar-Ulric returns.
    • Chaos lays siege to Kislev, but is eventually repelled by a combined force of Elves, Dwarfs, and Humans led by Magnus the Pious. This marks the end of the war.
  • 2305 Teclis founds the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf.

The Age of RecompenceEdit

  • 2520 The threat to Albion.
  • 2521 The sacred mists of Albion are restored. In the Empire, the time known as "The Storm of Chaos".


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