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Time is of the Essence is a Bestiary Unlock for Spirit Host.

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Order & DestructionEdit

Step 1: Collect Jekil's Wedding Band from the Corpse of Jekil Behn in Ostland, loc 48k, 57k. This corpse is on the north side of a building right against the river.
Step 2: Take the item to the graveyard at 60k 60k in Ostland, where you will find Hilda Behn's Grave. Examine the grave, and speak to the spirit that appears.

Note: In order to spawn the NPC, you have to click on the gravestone at 12:00 noon. The spirit is only spawned for a limited time, so be sure to speak with her with the ring in your inventory as soon as she appears to get the unlock.
August 18th 2009 - I summoned Hilda Behn but was unable to interact with her, she stayed around for 1 hour game time.
September 20th 2009- Hilda was a Hilde, and was already spawned when I arrived to the location. Right clicked the ghost and it worked...but I also right clicked the ring before hand.
September 29th 2009- Hilda was Hilde, and was already spawned when I arrived to the location. Right clicking on ghost or grave seems to have no effect at all (Destruction), nor clicking on ring before or after interact with them
September 3th 2010- It doesn't work for Destruction, you can't interact with Hilda. However it's work for Order.
September 1st 2011- No problem for Destro now, get the ring, clic the tomb at 12:00 noon in-game time and clic on the ghost.


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