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Tilea is the region of the Old World in the Warhammer World roughly corresponding to an amalgamation of Greece and Italy. Tilea is directly south of Bretonnia, south-west of the Empire, east of Estalia and west of the Border Princes.


Tilea is made up of a number of city states ruled by wealthy Merchant Princes, who constantly bicker among themselves, the most important of which being the Republics of Remas and Verezzo, and the Principalities of Luccini, Trantio, and Parvona. Many of these cities were founded on the ancient ruins of High Elf settlements, abandoned after the end of the War of the Beard. Tilea enjoyed a classical age long before the Empire became a powerful nation, developing writing and many other aspects of high culture. The religions of Morr, Verena, Ranald, Shallya and Myrmidia were said to have been founded here. Tileans take great offence at having their personage or accent mistaken as being Estalian in origin.

The lack of a unifying nationality means that in modern times (in Tilea's classical age this was different) the city-states of Tilea rarely employ a regular standing army of their own, preferring to rely on mercenaries when they need to resort to warfare to settle their differences (which can be often). Mercenary companies are common in Tilea, and they are usually known as Dogs of War, many coming from as far away as the Border Princes. Many of these mercenary companies look for work in The Empire and the other nations of the Old World, finding employment wherever and whenever there is a need for professional soldiering.


Sartosa is an island off the southern coast of Tilea which is home to a ruthless pirate-prince (at present a princess) and the criminal-empire she has created. The princess commands a sizable navy of pirate ships commanded by captains loyal to her (at least as long as she guarantees pay/loot for them) and they often raid the coastal settlements of Tilea, Estalia, the Border Princes and Araby.

However despite Sartosa being a haven for criminality and scum of all kinds, it would seem there is a strange honour among thieves. The worship of the Chaos Gods is punishable by death in Sartosa. Furthermore, for a price, the pirates will often help defend a coastal town (especially one which has given haven to them) from attack by marauding Greenskins and other forces. The historical hatred of the corsairs of Araby by the Sartosans ensures that few Arabyan pirates ever live to raid the coast of the southern Old World.


Remas is a city on the west coast of Tilea, and one of the oldest city-states, founded on the ruins of the last High Elf city in the Old World. During the Classical Period, the city of Remas was the capitol of all of Tilea, the jewel of the Eternal Empire. As such, Remans are known for being arrogant and aggressive, and many of the other Tilean city-states are nervous about this centrally-located city. Although proven not to be eternal, the city of Remas continues to be one of the most powerful military forces in Tilea, one that constantly feuds with its neighbors, especially Miragliano, Verezzo, and Luccini. In addition to one of the best fleets, Remas is known for the strength of its pikemen.


Luccini stands along the southern reaches of Tilea and is the oldest city in the nation, founded upon the ruins of an ancient Elven colony in 1 IC by the legendary twins, Lucan and Luccina, rulers of nomadic shepherds who settled on the famous Elven built Acropolis and built their palace at its summit. Given its proximity to the island kingdom of Sartosa, the Princes of Luccini have made it a firm policy of the city to have one of the strongest navies in the world to keep their shipping lanes free from piracy. The Luccinians also field strong regiments of pikemen.


Trantio has the bad fortune to be one of the few inland cities of Tilea, which for most of its history has meant that the city was cut off from the fabulous commercial wealth available to port cities. Its hilly countryside is known for it's poor agricultural quality and is good for very little except as a natural defence, which is useful because Trantio has long lived with the problem of being stuck between two of the mightiest land powers in Tilea; Miragliano to the north and Remas to the south, maintaining it's independence only by playing one city against the other.


Parvona lies directly south of Trantio along the River Reno, infamous among Tilean cities for its unparalleled command of treachery, intrigue, and blackmail. The people of Paravon are considered the most untrustworthy of all Tilean people, which to foreigners can seem something akin to being the wettest kind of water. Because of its proximity to Trantio, Parvona has had one of the longest and bitterest rivalries in Tilea with Trantio. As a result, the Trantine Hills have become a constant stomping ground for mercenary armies.


Verezzo lies south of Remas and north of Luccini on the banks of the River Riatti. Sitting atop a natural atoll that serves as the only high ground for miles, the city of Verezzo grew to dominate the riverine trade to the sea. Unlike many of the other Tilean city-states which are primarily naval in orientation, Verezzo found its wealth in the rich countryside, dominating the breadbasket of Tilea and monopolising the grain trade downriver to the merchant cities. Verezzo is unique in that the entire city is largely vertical in orientation. Because of the lack of building space on the narrow atoll, the people of Verezzo have built upwards rather than outwards, leading to a very crowded living space.


Miragliano's location is not to be envied, right at the mouth of the Gulf of Pearls, and bordering the Blighted Marshes, near the vile Skavenblight. As such, the people of Miragliano have been forced to become the greatest warriors of Tilea, pushed by circumstance to take on all comers and build one of the grandest cities the Old World has to offer. Unfortunately diseases often lay the city low, and the Red Pox of 1812 wiped out three fourths of the city's population. However Miragliano has recovered since then. Miragliano is known for its strong defences. As one of the few Tilean cities not built in the ruins of an Elven colony, Miragliano grew up naturally on a low plain.


Tobaro was founded on the ruins of an Elven city, in this case a fortress abandoned during the War of the Beard. However, this lone city on the splintered western half of Tilea has not had the good fortune that one might imagine, given its proximity to the Estalian trade routes through the Tramoto Pass and the River Eboro. Tobraro has had a reputation as one of the unluckiest cities in all of Tilea, partially because the islands to its south as so choked with pirates that its trade has never been as rich as its fellow city-states.

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