Thunder Mountain

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Thunder Mountain
Thunder Mountain
Zone Info
Realm: Neutral
Army: Oathbearers/Bloody Sun Boyz
Tier: 4
Thunder Mountain map
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Thunder Mountain is the fourth tier neutral zone for the Oathbearers and Bloody Sun Boyz battlefront.


Deep within the World's Edge Mountains, an ominous dark cloud of smoke hangs permanently over a mighty peak. The peak is Thunder Mountain, or Karag Dron as it is known in the Dwarf language Khazalid, and it is one of the largest and most active of the volcanoes found in this range of mountains. Thunder Mountain is equidistant from the cities of Karaz-a-Karak and Karak Eight Peaks, and it is a vital hub for many of the routes through the mountains. Whoever controls Thunder Mountain will gain a great strategic advantage in the struggle for domination of the mountains, and the Dwarfs and Greenskins are engaged in a bitter fight for undisputed ownership of the region. The landscape in the vicinity of the volcano is riven with deep channels filled with molten rock and crated with sulphurous smoking pits, and a wide ravine separates the land to the north from the land to the south.

Thunder Mountain in the Age of ReckoningEdit

The Dwarf and Greenskin forces sit on either side of this ravine, locked in a stalemate, both trying to capture the various strongholds and ancient relics dotted around the area. As well as these armies, other forces are at work in the area. Merciless bandits roam the area and sinister dragon-worshipping Drak-cultists has hired the ogres of the Gutbash Clan for protection as they operate near Thunder Mountain, ready to fight against unwelcome travellers.

PvE ContentEdit

Public QuestsEdit

Tome of KnowledgeEdit

Information on Tome of Knowledge unlocks / achievements in Thunder Mountain:


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Locations of InterestEdit

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