Thoroughly Lobbed Nog

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Night of Murder Noggin 001
Thoroughly Lobbed Nog
Bind on Pickup
On Use: Mail the kicked, tossed, cracked, and dented noggin' back to its owner.

The Thoroughly Lobbed Nog is a one-time use item that only drops during the Night of Murder Live Event. It Binds when Picked Up, and can be used to obtain a Title unique to the Event.

Source Edit

The Thoroughly Lobbed Nog can be obtained as a random drop from enemy players defeated in RvR play during the Night of Murder Event.

Use Edit

When activated, the Thoroughly Lobbed Nog is sent to the player from which it dropped, who receives it via the in-game mail system as the item Your Thoroughly Lobbed Nog. The individual that activated the item is awarded the Title Bloody Postmaster.

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