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Thorgrim on his Throne

High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, of the Royal Clan Durazklad (Kh. Stone-Armour) is the High King (leader) of the Dwarfs during the Age of Reckoning. He is the Lord of Karaz-a-Karak, the capital city of the Dwarf empire, he is the leader of the Dawi people and he is descended from some of the most ancient and noble of all Dwarf lords, and as legend would have it, Grungni himself (as all the Royal Clans are believed to be direct descendants of Grungni and Valaya). He is the keeper of Dammaz Kron (Kh. Grudge Book) - the Great Book of Grudges - on whose pages the most grievous misdeeds done to the Dwarven race are recorded, written in the blood of the High Kings. Dwarves are very good at bearing grudges, and the Great Book of Grudges recounts many episodes of the infamy of other races and of the gods themselves. His purpose as high king is to unite the dwarves and make sure that all of the dwarf kingdoms work together.


Thorgrim carries the weighty tome with him at all times, having determined that it is his duty to see that all the grudges described in the book are avenged (despite it being a task which would be impossible even in a thousand lifetimes). Thorgrim is carried aloft on the Throne of Power by four hand-picked strong and stout Dwarf warriors, and he reads aloud from the Great Book of Grudges, accounting the vile deeds recorded in its ancient pages and reminding the Dwarves around him of the infamy of whatever race they happen to be fighting against. According to tradition, the High King must only ever sit down upon the Throne of Power, which was supposedly crafted by Grungni himself, and to that end, it must be carried everywhere the High King goes, so that he may sit upon it should he no longer wish to walk. Legend says that so long as the Throne of Power remains intact, the Dwarf race will survive, but should it ever be destroyed, the Dwarves are doomed. The Throne bears the ancient and powerful rune Azamar, the Rune of Eternity - a rune so powerful that only one of it can ever exist.

In WAREdit

As the Dwarfs do not have a capital in-game yet, Thorgrim resides in the Emperor's Palace in Altdorf along with the High Elf Phoenix King, Finubar the Seafarer, in a side room just off the throne room.

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