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Kelthera Darklust Alive

What Kelthera looks like before the book next to her is interacted with.

Bestiary unlock for Fiend.

One little traveller curious you see, eager to know the secrets, of things that should not be. One little traveller, caught all unawares, Kelthera will share her secrete of which all are ill prepared. - In-game text that appears in chat log after using "Book of Innocence"

Order & DestructionEdit

In Ellyrion at 35k 48k, click on the book on the hill called "Book of Innocence". It's behind a neutral NPC sitting down named Kelthera Darklust lvl 20, who is connected to the book.

Note: Book despawns when corpse of Kelthera despawns. Book respawns when Kelthera respawns. Kelthera Darklust has a long respawn after being killed.


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