The grave of Galdulrel Hawkwood

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Galdulrel Hawkwood
You have found the grave of Galdulrel Hawkwood. The only child of Archmage Morothel Hawkwood, Galdulrel followed in the footsteps of his sire like a dutiful son. The power of the Winds was weak within him, and he took poorly to his father's criticism. He sought succor in the Lore of Chaos, seeking to buy power from Daemons. His father, upon learning of Galdulrel's deeds, confronted the younger Hawkwood, but was killed by a summoned Daemon that had broken free of the tenuous bonds that had held it immobile. Maddened by his father's death, Galdulrel vanished into obscurity.


In Dragonwake, 31000,37000 just to the west of the eastern keep between some trees.

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